oh my

she knows why
wind floats by

birds go fly
questions do pry

clouds so high
end now nigh

boys don’t cry

New Kala word

tsite – /t͡ʃiːte/ – deserve; be worthy of; merit

Taken from: 值得

Kala Phrase

어하 더 가봄 히갸 하요 바그부
eha te kapom hikya hayo pakupua
/ɛːɦa te kaːpom ɦiːkʲa haːjo pakuːpʷa/
P.3s from relationship-PL old 3s.GEN cudgel-PFV
She was battered about from her previous relationships.

New Kala word

neha – /nɛːɦa/ – butcher; slaughter; massacre

Taken from: nex and náʼáʼah

Kala Phrase

나 거 서그 더 머사고 나요 다뱌유
na ke seku te mesako nayo tapyaue
/na kɛ ʃeːku te mesaːko naːjo tapʲaːwɛ/
1s O policy GEN precede-AG 1s.GEN follow-VOL
I intend to follow my predecessor’s policy.

The syllable sequence “k-n-“

kana – lead; leading; leadership; leader
kane – dispel; refute; repudiate
kani – sausage
kano – my dear; my darling
kanu – stringed instrument
kanue – canvas [sail; paitning surface]
kanyo – question; ask; raise a question
kena – circle; be circular; spherical
kenua – denim; jeans
kina – mammal
kinua – metalworking or casting of some kind
kinya – silver; coins
kinyo – intervene; get involved
kona – dress; skirt
kone – awe; intimidate
koni – skunk
kono – gray; stone; ash
kuna – excrete; expel; defecate; shit
kuni – lucid dream
kunye – moon; lunar; satellite
kuana – peach [fruit; tree; color]
kuanu – bush; woody plant
kyono – comforting habit or ritual

The number of minimal pairs in Kala is high, due to the strict syllable structure and typical lemma being made-up of a CVCV root. I’ve tried to relate a few of these and others I have endeavored to keep from seeming related at all. This makes for some nice tongue twisters and some difficult semantics, but it is a feature that I enjoy.

Gandalf Quote

아사텀바 거 그바 지더 마 그바터미 거 아사지더 |다어타 여다바 가 | 야 냐 여다 그바 마 끼하 브허간거
asatlempa ke kupa tsite ma kupatlemi ke asa tsite | ta’etla yetapa ka | ya nya yeta ke kupa ma’a nkiha puhekanke
live-REL-many O death deserve and die-REL-few O life deserve | 2s-P.4s give-ABIL Q | VOC for give O death and judgment eager-AUG-NEG
“Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgment.”