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Kala Phrase

naha nya puna ke asa tomonko
river for land O life provide-CONT
“Rivers give life to the land.”


A single decision
made without precision

will change the day
in the most egregious way

make use of the voice
create the choice

Kala Phrase

nam mue pana ke mauam anyapak
1pl without rain O flower-PL see-ABIL-NEG
We cannot see the flowers without rain.

Kala Phrase

uye nankua nalo
sometimes 1pl.INCL smile
We all smile sometimes.

Kala Phrase

kuama sama emyatli
always sun happen-FUT
The sun always rises.

Elefen Arabesca

Me ta prefere declina du bevidas en loca de un ajetivo de deutx.
“I would rather decline two drinks than one German adjective.” ― Mark Twain