Kala Phrase

na nya sikue asotle ina itsanko
1s for pork roast-REL eat love-PROG
I love to eat roast pork.


Kala Phrase

to na ma’a yomayekua nahe na ke pako mulapa ka
manner 1s with day-PST-all within 1s O new begin-POT Q
“How can I begin anything new with all of yesterday in me?” — Leonard Cohen

New Kala word

ramble incoherently; rant

New Kala word

handle; deal with; cope; get by with


As we (in the US) inch closer to the Midterms, it is our responsibility as citizens to disallow the politicians of their seemingly incurable appetite to ignore those issues that truly make a difference in our quality of life.

Those issues are different for each of us. Don’t be afraid, don’t blow it off, don’t forget, Vote!


sometimes we wake to find ourselves surrounded by familiar yet strange feelings that if we leave unchecked can fester and boil like the summer stew that inevitably will spoil cause it’s too hot outside to eat it and no one wants to admit that all they really want is a cold beverage and to be left to their thoughts, after all, many of the things that pass through our minds either aren’t worth sharing, or would be inexplicable, or even horribly embarrassing to mention, there are so many ways to feel, but so few ways to effectively express those myriad feelings

Did I ever tell you the story about when I broke my arm?

New Kala word

spiderweb; cobweb

The 4 styles of omyatloko; monumental, handwritten; typed; bulletin