ameyo ke panta patse ma pokohue uaki’u | ke “maka” te pisako matsaha | ke kua ameyohue kuna
America O swamp terrible and urine-LOC boil-REFL | O music GEN be.savage-AG gibberish-AUG | O all America-LOC shit
“America is a terrible swamp boiling itself in piss. Its “music” is the jabbering of savages. Everything in America is shit.”

I don’t agree with this sentiment in the slightest, but it makes for an interesting translation. Also, it stands as testament to the ire being stirred by the current political climate.

Kala Phrase

ta ke kala pako onyo ka
2sg O languages new learn Q
Are you learning a new language?

ula ta ke kala onyo ka
INDEF 2sg O language learn Q
What language are you learning?

New Kala Word

tanua – chat; converse; dialogue; talk

Taken from: だんわ

a cold yawn

it is truly the coldest grey before the dawn
you will have your oldest day before the yawn

pause not in the field
the goblins wait for you to yield

give all of your demons a powerful fight
wake them for combat each and every night

Kala Phrase

na hueyetsuayehi ehe na nye amyako nayo talaye ma ke seku nayo munta
1SG go.out-ALMOST-PST-DIM but 1SG because like-AG 1SG.POSS arrive-PST and O plan 1SG.POSS change
I was just about to go out, but my friend came round so I had to drop my plans.

tlama ke asa yotenke
sometime O life help-without
Life is sometimes helpless.

ke ueta nayo otlayahue tsitlinko
O uncle 1SG.POSS Austrailia-LOC farm-CONT
My uncle has a farm in Australia.

Kala Phrase

to ta uasepa utehue tayo uasiye ka
way 2SG MED-wound arm-LOC 2SG.POSS acquire-PST Q
How did you come by that scar on your forearm?

ha ke ute hayo simahue moheye
3SG O arm 3SG.POSS chair-LOC put-PST
He rested his arm on the arm of his chair.

ta tsapa yatli na’eta yote
2SG struggle if.X.then.Y 1SG-P.2SG help
I’ll lend you a helping hand if you are in trouble.

Kala Phrase

yemosa ena hueliha
DIST-book P.1SG astonish-AUG
That book really knocks me out.

kuama ke noto ma tsume tayo moto
always O sympathy and kindness 2SG.POSS remember
Your sympathy and kindness will always be remembered.