Kala Phrase

ke yotsam hayo ma’a elila nala
O cheek-PL 3sg.POSS with pinkness glow
Her cheeks have a rosy glow and pinkish hue.

imisape amye ma uayompa
PROX-road-piece alone and isolated-much
This stretch of road is very lonely and isolated.

tla ke kemu huamyoye
4sg O experience absurd-PST
It was an over-the-top experience.

The syllable sequence “p-(n)t-“

* pata – tile; brick
* pato – duck; male prostitute (slang)
* panta – marsh; swamp; wetlands; glade
* panto – tomato
* peta – map; chart; draft; cartographic
* pita – be void; hollow; empty; blank
* pite – manatee; walrus
* pito – navel; belly button
* pinta – act tactfully; tactful; discreet
* pinto – swallow it whole; act without thinking
* pote – mortgage; pawn; detain in custody
* poti – goat; ram
* poto – image; picture; photograph
* ponto – cannon; gun; artillery [fire a ~]
* puta – be wrong; false
* pute – deficiency; deficit
* puti – mint; spearmint
* punta – betray; rebel; revolt

The number of minimal pairs in Kala is high, due to the strict syllable structure and typical lemma being made-up of a CVCV root. I’ve tried to relate a few of these and others I have endeavored to keep from seeming related at all. This makes for some nice tongue twisters and some difficult semantics, but it is a feature that I enjoy.

Foc, Rodrigo y Gabriela, en vive

It seems the simplest forms of expression tend to be the most powerful.

New Kala word

tiku – extract; withdraw; pick-up

Taken from: tíqǔ

Kala Phrase

ke kema hayo ma’a yenamo uekunko
O employment 3sg.POSS with money-place review-PROG
His employment with the bank is under review.

naha tsemaye
river overflow-PST
The river overflowed.

ke ya’a ma’ak tsuye tsemamyonek
O drug without attention overflow-PERM-SUG-NEG
Drugs should not be allowed to spread unchecked.

New Kala word

uye – from time to time; now and then; occasionally

Taken from: ǒuyī

New Kala word

ueku – review; look back; appraise

Taken from: huígù