the horror inflicted
was obviously scripted
we’re not here again
where the riots begin

crept out of the hole
only to climb the knoll

wound up like a spring
we’ll undo everything
round and round
the beginning can’t be found


Kala phrase

Kala phrase

Kala phrase

Kala phrase

Amal grammar and lexicon

I have moved the Amal conlang project to Google Docs for ease of access and editing.

Here is the new link.

If you want to follow along as I edit Amal, make sure to follow this blog, and bookmark the Google Doc.

Deccan Lipi

Deccan Lipi is a simplified and modernised script based on the Grantha Lipi script devised by Punya Pranava Pasumarty. It is designed for writing Sanskrit and all South Indian languages, although it can be used for most other Indian languages as well.

This script is nicely designed and presented, but it is also rather boring as just another SEA (South-East Asian) abugida. The reduction of ligatures is probably the most interesting and notable feature, as many scripts in the Subcontinent do have many redundant ligatures.

If I were a betting man, though, I’d say this script won’t get much attention from its intended audience.