Kala Phrase

ya tsaya | na ke yalem nayo kayopua
VOC damn | 1SG O key-PL 1SG.POSS lose-PFV
Oh no, I’ve lost my key!

impa’a malahaye
PROX-film bad-AUG-PST
This movie was awful.


To indicate specific places where either something happens, or something resides there are a few affixes which modify both verbs and nouns.

-mo = place [general location], from mo – location; place; site [This suffix is used to form the general idea of where something happens or resides.]

tana-mo = fight-place; battlefield; boxing ring; wrestling mat, etc.
uelo-mo = bicycle-place; bike path; bike rack, etc.
ina-mo = eat-place; dining room; restaurant [This can also mean food-place; pantry, etc.]
onyo-mo = learn-place; school

-su = market; shop; store [where goods are made and/or sold], from suku – market; shop; store

tiya-su = bread-shop; bakery
ina-su = food-market; grocery store; restaurant
uelo-su = bicycle-shop

-kyo = college; school; university, from hakyo – college; school; university [This can also be used to indicate a school of thought, or ideology.]

tana-kyo = dojo; martial arts training academy; etc.
kuha-kyo = culinary-school; chef’s academy
tsiya-kyo = liberalism
ya’a-kyo = medical-school

-sa = chamber; room; section, from sala – chamber; room; section [This is more specific than mo and used primarily for spaces inside buildings.]

kuha-sa = cook-room; kitchen
moku-sa = sleep-room; bedroom
ina-sa = eat-room; dining room
onyo-sa = learn-room; classroom


tana – conflict; fight
tiya – bread; pastry
kuha – cook; prepare food
moku – rest; sleep
tsiya – freedom; liberty
uelo – bicycle; bike
ya’a – medicine; treat
ina – eat; food
onyo – learn; study

Kala Phrase

ta nye kohumpo ke’e atsu ke yotsatepe pukuhe
2SG because fog-bad so.much thick O face-shield wear-should
The smog is so thick that you’d better wear a respirator.

ikapu ma’a menka yeno
PROX-basket with cotton full
This basket is full of cotton.

New Kala Word

tloho – fall behind; lag; backward; retrogress

Taken from: 落後

Kala Phrase

ke telehyo mo’imyaye
O shave-cream lather-CUAS-PST
The shaving cream lathered.

ha ke kotlo te tsa’i kuya muyaye
3SG O pot of tea green make-PST
He made a pot of green tea.

ta nya na ke kauamyapa ka
2SG for 1SG O coffee-CUAS-ABIL Q
Can you brew me some coffee?

New Kala Word

nkotsi – persist; persevere; stick to something

Taken from: 고집하다

Kala Phrase

katsu nya natola yote me natla etla tlohomya
be.modest for straight-MOT help but conceit P.4SG lag.behind-CAUS
Modesty helps one to go forward, whereas conceit makes one lag behind.

ha nya tlika hayo taka
3SG for family 3SG.POSS honor
He’s a credit to his family.

ha nya tahi hayo tsukaye
3SG for son 3SG.POSS proud-PST
He was proud of his son.