Allamej is an alphabet created by Rodrigo Solano to write his constructed language, also called Allamej. The language can also be written with the Roman alphabet to aid its use in electronic media. The Allamej letters are based on the Latin, Greek, Arabic, Syriac, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Korean and a number of other writing systems.

The presentation is a bit clunky, but I like this script, primarily because of its calligraphic potential. All scripts (well, almost all) lend themselves to some form of calligraphy, but this one, borrowing certain elements from Arabic, quite nicely has the ability to be very decorative;

If you would like to see more about the language, check the website:


little one

a wand, a crown, and a dress
a nap, a snack, and then a mess

a song, and then a dance
my heart never had a chance

born between the trees
bringing laughter and tears with ease

your every moment is the most grand
how I melt when I hold your hand


frolicking frogs frantically fornicating
forcibly far from family and
fried fritters foaming fearfully
furnished with forks felines and fortitude


Oskar also adapted the script to write his own constructed language, Nerean or Nerjagol. This involved adding a few letters and excluding some from the original Rnengàti alphabet. However, Oskar felt that he wanted a more ornate version of the script, that could be used on formal occasions. He experimented for a bit and eventually settled on something he was happy with.

This is a very good script. It has consistency and creativity. Some of the diacritics so seem a bit European, detracting from the uniqueness, but not in a completely detrimental way to the overall aesthetic of the script.

Amal phrase

kadin nai eduyuk ibuk tamha
/kadɪn na͡ɪ ɛdʊˈjuk ɪbuk tɑmˈha/
manage-AG 1pl.GEN act-3s.ANIM-1pl DAT.1pl nice-COM
Our boss treats us courteously.

Kala phrase

yalakya | nam tsipuetli!
/jaˈlaːkʲa nam t͡ʃɪˈpʷɛːt͡ɬi/
go-HORT 1pl late-FUT
Let’s go, we’re going to be late!

Kala phrase

ke sotsimpa ipa yempahue
/kɛ soˈt͡ʃɪːᵐpa ˈiːpa jeˈᵐpaːhʷɛ/
O dish-many different table-LOC
There are several different dishes on the table.