if I’da known
when I got grown
I had to be
on my own

stronger seeds
I woulda sown



how I wish for the senility to accept the things I cannot remember
the strength to lift the groceries
the wisdom to know where I left the keys
and the balance to not myself dismember

kindness is my currency
without urgency

step, softly

New Kala word

nante – /naːⁿtɛ/ – seldom; rare

Taken from: nándé

How often?

Some key vocabulary for discussing how often something happens:

100% – kuama – always
90% – tsikue – usually
75% – nua – frequently; often
50% – uye – sometimes; occasionally
25% – nante – seldom; rarely
10% – nanteha – harldy ever
0% – amak – never

kuama ha hina
always 3s here
He’s always here.

nante ke taku nayo kala
seldom O brother 1s.GEN speak
My brother seldom ever speaks.

New Kala word

esue – /e.ʃwe/ – fail; lose; “cannot”

Taken from: échouer

NB: I made this word in conjunction with updating the omyatloko script.

Omyatloko presentation

I’ve been editing a new omyatloko (.pdf) presentation page to go along with the new glyphs and radical system. I would like any and all feedback that any one might have. Thank you.



Laala is constructed language devised by Simon Ager, the creator of Omniglot, who was inspired to try creating a language after attending the Language Creation Conference in Horsham in 2015. The aim was to create a minimalist language with words based on sound symbolism and onomatopoeia as much as possible. The name Laala means ‘sing speak’, and it is intended to be quite a musical language suited to singing.

Simon seems to have a knack for scripts that function perfectly. This script is no exception. However, it does have an ever so slight hint of Tengwar, it still is quite aesthetically pleasing and looks more naturalistic than many of Simon’s other scripts. I do worry that his orthographical choices far exceed his choice in transliteration schemes, though. What would make this script’s presentation striking is some handwritten samples…free hand. I imagine this script has some quite interesting calligraphic possibilities, possibilities that are potentially enhanced by the isolating nature of the grammar.

I rate this script 4×4 for aesthetics and functionality.