New Kala word

tapye – /taːˌpʲɛ/ – to take (something, someone) seriously

Taken from: ta på alvor


Kala phrase

하 거 니라 아야하 오묘
ha ke nila ayaha omyo
3s O blue beautiful-AUG opine
She thinks that blue is the most beautiful color.

Niyaz – Dünya

If anyone ever finds the lyrics for this song, please let me know.

Kala phrase

야 나서 터라뇨휴! 타로 어하 아뱌티
ya nase tlelanyohue! tlalo eha apyatli
VOC spider bathe-tool-LOC | clearly P.3s be.clean-FUT
There is a spider in the bathtub! At least he’ll be clean.

Rën alphabet

Rën is a script (ritë) developed by Justin Mann for a philosophical language of the same name (Lokë Rën). It is designed to be easily learned and written while giving it a beautiful and complex appearance.

I always try to applaud cursive style scripts, if for nothing else than the undertaking itself. However, like many before it Rën suffers from fatigue. While the design of the individual characters is simple and seemingly elegant, the resulting text looks more like apoplectic PhD student hurriedly trying to finish the last lines of her dissertation. There’s also the issue of voiced/unvoiced consonants being distinguished by only a diacritic…not something that I favor, most especially in cursive alphabets.

On to the sounds (orthographic representation). I’m not sure there is a natlang precedent for having [θ~ð] contrast with [ʒ] but not have [z]. And as a note on presentation, the page gives IPA for the diphthongs but not the base vowels. I suppose we could assume /a, e, i, o, u/ but that doesn’t seem accurate based on the diphthongs. Also, the use of the umlaut seems wholly unnecessary and likely ill-informed based on the rest of what phonemic information is available.

Over all, this script gets a 3×1 for aesthetics and functionality.

Kala phrase

나히 여잔고
nahi yetsanko
girl cry-PROG
The little girl is crying.

Travel Map

I travel for work. I recently tried to figure out everywhere I’ve been and thought I’d post a little map. I might make updates whenever I happen to remember.

Key: Blue = a week or more; Gold = months or years (lived there)

I know it’s a fairly low-rent map, but hey, it works. Also, it doesn’t include overseas locations, which I might add at some point.