This chart is a simple representation of an idea I’ve been pondering for a while. It serves as a guide for forming compound words, and as a hierarchy of syllables. That sounds weird, but what is basically means is that “pa” is more important than “ya”. So, a good example might be “patlati” (“playing field”) being put together from “patla” (“field”) and “yoti” (“play; game”). So, in the chart you see that the plosives, or pana sounds rank higher than the yasa sounds, or semivowels. So when we reduce the construction patlayoti to three syllables, we reduce it by the “lowest ranked syllable”. This is something that I may begin to use in the formation of neologisms for Kala.

Kala Idiom

야라조 마 거우
yalatso ma keua
/jalaːt͡ʃo ma kɛːwa/
walk-half and abandon
to give up halfway; leave something unfinished = 半途而废 (bàn tú ér fèi): means to walk half the road and give up. You use it when start doing something, only to quit in the middle.

Over the next few weeks I plan on exploring idioms on this page and how to express them (or, how I would) in Kala.

Kala Phrase

야 거 오다 기 하자니
ya ke ota ki hatsani
/ja kɛ oːta ki hat͡ʃaːni/
VOC O father REFL fortune-nice
Being a father is its own reward.

Kala Phrase

마요마구 나 도바휴 자여 요무 마아 너다버리자 그라여
mayomakua na topahue tsaye yomua ma’a netapelitsa kulaye
/majomaːkʷa na topaːɦʷɛ t͡saːje joːmʷa maːʔa netapɛliːt͡sa kulaːjɛ/
four-day-all 1s bed-LOC until morning with Netflix spend.time-PST
I spent the entire sunday in bed with Netflix until dawn.

Kala Phrase

요후여 나 거 브즈 어나 야건고 소냐
yohuaye na ke putsu ena yakenko sonya
/johʷaːjɛ na kɛ puːt͡su eːna jakeːᵑko soːɲa/
night-PST 1s O goblin P.1s pursue-CONT dream
I had a dream last night that a monster was chasing me.

New Kala word

tsela – /t͡ʃɛːla/ – philosophic theory; philosophy

Taken from: 철학

New Kala word

sili – /ʃiːli/ – skim (through a book); dip into; dabble

Taken from: 涉獵