I have begun a revision of omyatloko. It’s not ambitious, but I’m simplifying the majority of glyphs and using a new radical schema to order and keep track of them.

Stay tuned for updates.


Moya Calligraphy

omyatloko written in moya


I have reached a point.

Not a point of no return, but rather one of contemplation. I have realized that my efforts with Kala are sporadic and ill-organized. I will be greatly reducing my posts on this blog. In fact, it may be a long while between any posts henceforth. I am somewhat unsure that Kala is becoming (or has become) what I’d intended when I started. In fact, conlanging has, for me, lost much of its wonder and joy and has instead begun to feel somewhat like a chore.

I thank anyone that reads this for your companionship on this journey.

That being said, I do intend to post, albeit much less frequently.

New Kala word

tsisa – /t͡ʃiːsa/ – to inflate; to pump up; pump

Taken from: sìsāljka

Kala Phrase

하 거 서느 하요 바토허
ha ke senu hayo patlohe
3s O hair 3s.GEN brush-NEC
She needs to brush her hair.

Kala Phrase

umalo kamyo ke komohue suta
horse-PL 3pl.GEN O stable-LOC dwell
Their horses live in the stable.

Moya Calligraphy

This is just a little chart that I made for anyone that wants to cut & paste their own Moya samples. Let me know if you have any requests.