Ch. 13, Path of the Warrior

tanako simohue topu
ya ka’e simo topu | ya kua katlo ma ki hita

/tanaːko ʃɪmoːɦʷe toːpu
ja kaːʔe ʃɪːmo toːpu | ja kʷa kaːt͡ɬo ma ki ɦiːta/

fight-AG abyss-LOC jump
VOC toward abyss jump | VOC all risk and self throw

The warrior jumps into the abyss.
Jump into the abyss. Risk everything and throw yourself in.

From Path of the Warrior, by Lucas E. Schultz



Insect Flower Arrangements by Raku Inoue

The simplicity and beauty of the natural world should never be ignored, and should in fact, be thrust upon us occasionally, lest we forget that we are a part of it.


start with a futile life
add a dash of strife

stir until amused
mix until confused

bake on high
or maybe fry

eat with people you barely know
then die
in the cold winter snow

game, set, match

it is starting to begin
the sun is hiding again
I feel it move across my skin
the clouds become thin
let the fireflies in
no more, do we hear the din
let the moment have its grin

Faran Ensemble

Listen for a while, let your mind be empty and your heart slow.


the shapes ate the grapes
as they wind down the street alley after the great rally
and the flirty wordy birdie
saw me gnaw on the bone all alone
withering and wandering while slithering and pondering
the hole in the bowl
above the dove
where he struck the muck
under the growling moon and howling his swoon

poison and peace

trying in (the) vain
to force away (the) pain

pining for a sweet release
a way to find peace

reaching for a pill
avoiding the kill

never looking within
a place to begin