flame dancing in rain
unavoidable, the quelch
spiders running scared


Kala phrase

tla ke yanonketle kapya yo tla ke yesa tloyatli
4sg O avoid-NEG-REL accept if.X.then.Y 4sg O peace discover-FUT
In accepting the inevitable, one finds peace.

Lao Tzu quote

tanako uasan polik kue tanapako omak
fight-AG skill-ADJ be.violent-NEG as fight-ABIL-AG roar-NEG
A skillful soldier is not violent, an able fighter does not rage. — Lao Tzu


no I don’t want fifty thousand bonus miles
you can keep your latest trending styles

there are no deals
that I think of as steals

I’m do not need the next gadget
I’ve been just fine ’til now without it

give me a day without bings or bells
a moment without noises or smells

turn off all of the machines
bless the silence and all of the in-betweens


Allow every part of you to exist
do not resist

breathe softly inward and out
find nothing to think about

give big and take small
as one, we live, all


swimming through the soup
of linguistic lentils
plucking from the group
of defective mentals

keeping up with changes
as best I can
even what deranges
this shell of a man


the leaves of a tree
do not fight
they do not flee

they are green, yellow, and red
some alive, some almost dead

they hang together until the final moment
they flow through the wind which does not relent

no matter there distance they are as one
in the rain, snow, moon, and sun