New Kala word

yempamakua – /jeᵐpamaːkʷa/ – ironing board

모 거 염바마구 나묘 가
mo ke yempamakua namyo ka
/mo kɛ jeᵐpamaːkʷa naːmʲo gaː/
place O table-iron 1pl.GEN Q
Where is our ironing board?

Kala phrase

하 겨 나 거 남바 다요 마구바틱
ha kye na ke nampa tayo makuapatlik
/ha kʲɛ na kɛ naːᵐpa taːjo makʷapaːt͡ɬɪk/
3s IND.SPE 1s O shirt 2s.GEN press-ABIL-FUT-NEG
She said “I will not be able to iron your shirt.”

New Kala word

makua – /maːkʷa/ – iron; press; smooth out

Taken from: مكواة

Tloko glyph

kena – /kɛːna/ – circle; loop; round

reminiscent of a spiral

The glyph on the left is the ‘epigraphic’ version, the middle is the ‘text’, and the right is the ‘handwritten’. The green “ta” is the syllable from which the glyph was derived.

New Kala word

napye – /naːpʲɛ/ – scar; bruise; pockmark

Taken from: rokonarpi

#45’s “MAGA”

I almost wanna make a conlang based on nothing more than “#MAGA”…It would have multiple meanings based on context.

maga – v – to conduct a brazenly open criminal enterprise while claiming otherwise

maga – n – a lie that is immediately disprovable

maga – adj – foolish on a global scale/stage

maga – adv – synonym; rudely, selfishly, ignorantly


Lexical Change

I have made a notable change to the lexicon of Kala. ma’ak is no longer used for the meaning “without; lacking”, or as an abbesive preposition, it is from now on to be mue /mʷe/.


ha ma’ak mukuha a
3s without blade-AUG COP
She is without a sword.


ha mue mukuha a
3s without blade-AUG COP
She is without a sword.

This change was brought about by grammatical necessity as I am continuing to write/edit the full Kala grammar to be released later this year.