Hangul for Kala


Han Moya is an adaptation of Hangul for writing Kala. It is written horizontally, in lines running from left to right. It can also be written vertically in columns.


Rarely used consonants

The adaptations of doubled consonants are used word initially to indicate prenasalization.
Medial occurrences of nasalized syllables are written across syllables.



*This is pronounced /wa/ in Korean because of the order of the vowels; however, because obsolete jamo are difficult to type and look junky as images, in Kala, this is used for /aʊ/ when typing. It is rarely seen due to the diphthong itself being uncommon.


yomatli nanku kalamye
day-FUT 1pl.RECP speak-redo
We will speak again tomorrow.

kua kanyohe
all question-NEC
All needs questioned.

umanam tayo ke tlana tsa’o nahe yenaha amopayek
horse-FEM-PL 2SG.POSS DO person six into DIST-river carry-able-PST-NEG
Your mares were unable to carry the six people into that river over there.

iyoma kihuni
this.day weather-nice
The weather is nice today.

na amputsa pako heya
1s nose-damn new need
I need a new damn nose…

nihan ta matsamya
nice-ADV 2s gibberish-CAUS
You do gibberish nicely.

ke muyan mue tanya yanihila
TOP create.ADV without destroy meaning-DIM-become
Without destruction, creativity loses meaning.


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