Kala Phrase

umalo kamyo ke komohue suta
horse-PL 3pl.GEN O stable-LOC dwell
Their horses live in the stable.


Moya Calligraphy

This is just a little chart that I made for anyone that wants to cut & paste their own Moya samples. Let me know if you have any requests.

Han Moya

I’ve made a small PDF to explain how I use Hangul to write Kala. Feel free to print it out and use it. If you need vocabulary, don’t forget that I update the lexicon on Frathwiki monthly.

Moya Calligraphy

ma’e – /maːʔɛ/ – in front; before; ahead of

uala ta’ena ma’eye ka
verily 2s-P.1s be.ahead-PST Q
You were in front of me, weren’t you?

Moya Calligraphy

unya – /uːɲa/ – comprehend; know; understand

ta unya ka
2s know Q
Do you know?

Moya Calligraphy

ua’e – /waːʔɛ/ – above; over / on (top)

ya neko ua’e yempa topupua
VOC cat on tablee jump-PFV
Hey, the cat has jumped on the table!

Moya Calligraphy

nahe – /naːɦɛ/ – inside; within

With the motive -la this location becomes a verb nahelainto; enter.

na’am ke salahi tamyo nahelayek
1pl.EXCL O room-DIM 2pl.GEN enter-PST-NEG
We didn’t enter your little room.