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Kala uses the prefix tsi– [from atsiangle, bend, corner] with the number of angles in a two dimensional geometric shape to form the names of said shapes. So, tsiya’o (five angles) = pentagon, tsitsa’o (six angles) = hexagon, etc.

A generic term, pyota, meaning cube; block; square; diamond is not included in the picture. It can be used to describe any object square in appearance. The term pyo’o is also used for the mathematical function of squaring a number, whereas tsima’o literally means four angles.

The generic term atsa can be used to describe anything that is circular in appearance and literally means wheel; disc; round.


kena – circle
tlanke – oval [be shaped like an egg]
yamu – trapezium / trapezoid
mu’e – rhombus [diamond shaped]
pyonka – parallelogram
tapua – rectangle

PS: To call someone tlanketlo would be rather like calling them “fatso” in English.


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