Kala Phrase

yali ke yesa hatemya
forgive O peace develop-CAUS
Forgiveness is the development of peace.


New Kala word

oue – /ˈoːwɛ/
subtle; profound; sophisticated

ha ke oueto unyak
3s O subtle-way understand-NEG
She doesn’t understand how to be subtle.

Kala Phrase

hina ke neku manka
here O winter cold
Winter here is cold.

Kala Phrase

naye aki ameyohue aya
during autumn America-LOC beautiful
Autumn is beautiful in America.

Kala Phrase

naye natsu kitahue tlolohi
during summer north-LOC mild-DIM
It is cool in the north in summer.

Anatomy vocabulary

Anatomy vocabulary, written in Omyatloko syllabary

Image shamelessly stolen from Google.

Kala Phrase

ke sitsak me saua
O heat-NEG but humidity
It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.

NB: I’ve always thought this phrase to be a bit silly, but it’s common, and grammatically interesting, so…yeah.