New Kala word

kuaya – /ˈkʷaːja/ – praise; applaud; cheer

Taken from: kuājiǎng


Kala Phrase

티아냐고 거 가나하 바고 구야
tli’anyako ke kanaha pako kuaya
COL-watch-AG O chief-AUG new applaud
The audience is applauding the new president.

New Kala word

nonya – /noːnʲa/ – controversy; dispute

Taken from: nonjaeng

Kala Phrase

요노닌가 냐 보리하 노냔고
yononinka nya poliha nonyanko
drama-television for be.violent-AUG be.controversial-PROG
This television show is controversial for being so violent.

New Kala word

ehue – /ˈeːɦʷɛ/ – be kind; generous; friendly

Taken from: ēnhuì

Careful, careful

When discussing ideas, one must be sure not to discuss ideas that find their roots in superstition and faith with the hope or expectation of a rational or logical conclusion.

There is no reason to expect some that refers to themselves as a “believer” to want to have that belief questioned, or at the very least examined by an “outsider”, a “non-believer”. I try to be very careful with this word “believe”, as it seems to assume acceptance without verification…only slightly different than “faith”. Perhaps the distinction is something only I find important, or bother to distinguish. At any rate, I will elaborate below.

I was discussing a myriad of things with a colleague last week. Topics from sports, to chess, to career goals….the topic of belief tiptoed its way into the conversation. I, having enjoyed only a few adult beverages, made a statement that I now regret; “Lilith was Adam’s first wife.” This seemingly innocuous aside lead to a two hour discussion about religious texts which ended in me attempting to explain why I do not have a “belief system”…I failed. Perhaps it was the beers, perhaps it was my exhaustion from the week, or perhaps it was the intractable nature of my colleague’s belief that seems grounded in a personal experience that he says shaped his entire world view. During the discussion I tried to elicit an explanation from him as to why his accepted religious texts were more correct, or the only correct ones, given the sheer volume of religious texts that exist in the world. His statement was fairly predictable “because it’s true.”

Not only do I regret that at times the discussion was contentious, I regret that I involved myself in a discussion where the outcome was not only so painfully predictable, but one that was at its core, completely pointless.

Kala Phrase

하 거 그으 아마 뵤나 노목
ha ke ku’u ama pyona nomok
3sg O cereal time crisp like-NEG
She doesn’t like cereal when it’s crispy.