Kala Phrase

na nya unya inya
/naː ɲa uːˈɲa iːˈɲa/
1s for know hunger
I hunger for knowledge. (More figuratively: “I yearn for understanding.”)

A nice tongue twister that might used in poetry or elocution.


Thematic Lexicon

I have recently updated the Kala thematic lexicon. The categories are not arranged in any particular order.

Formatting note; Hangul

I will no longer be including Hangul in my translations or neologism posts. I still use it for Kala, I use it everyday in my journal, however, it is cumbersome to transcribe with most online sites and is a mostly unnecessary step as anyone who truly follows this blog likely either doesn’t need the Hangul transcribed for them, or ignores it in favor of the lexical and grammatical features any way.

No worries. My love for the elegance, simplicity, and utilitarian nature of Hangul will never die.

Kala Phrase

나 나여 자기 야라박
na naye tsaki yalapak
1sg while chew.gum walk-ABIL-NEG
I can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.

Kala Phrase

다히 냐 나그 하요 거 닌가 아바먀
tahi nya naku hayo ke ninka apamya
boy for sister 3sg.GEN O television off-CAUS
The boy turns off the television for his sister.

Zhuangzi quote

노야 규 토마 사보하 / 톡어타 그히박
더서 규 가야 수라하 / 톡어타 나주박

noya kue tloma sapoha / tloketla kuhipak
tese kue kaya sualaha / tloketla natsuapak

be.happy like feather light-AUG / AG.NEG-P.4sg grasp-ABIL-NEG
suffer like world heavy-AUG / AG.NEG-P.4sg release-ABIL-NEG

Happiness is lighter than a feather, no one can grasp it.
Suffering is heavier than the earth, no one can let it go.
— Zhuangzi

Kala Phrase

티아냐고 거 가나하 바고 구야
tli’anyako ke kanaha pako kuaya
COL-watch-AG O chief-AUG new applaud
The audience is applauding the new president.