Kala Phrase

na ke yona munaha taye emyalo uampamo’a te hoyo hanyapuanihue sutatle kapyaye
1s O scroll import-AUG about event-PL politic-specific of friend country-coast-LOC reside-REL receive-PST
I received an important letter about certain political events from a friend that lives on the other side of the country.


Kala Phrase

tsakahue ke heua sekanko
house-LOC O air dry-PROG
The air is dry in the house.

Lexical change

I’ve been reviewing and editing a few lemma over the last couple of months, and one notable change is due to phonological similarities to other languages.

nye…ka to ask “Why?” is being replace with nyo…ka. It may seem like a minor change, but it alters the flow of many questions.

Kala phrase

yomaye na ke tloha atsu ma sauampatle tela
day-PST 1s O grass thick and damp-very-REL cut
Yesterday I cut the grass, which was very damp and thick.

New Kala word

group/chain of islands; archipelago

ke pilipina tlipenua
The Philippines is an archipelago.

New Kala word

other thing; something else

na ke uano unyak
I don’t know anything else.

Shakespeare Quote

iye iyatonolotle kue ki ma’a timu takuyo atsuha
what-if PROX-hand-cursed-REL like self with blood brother-GEN thick-AUG
What if this cursed hand were thicker than itself with brother’s blood

panamua ke tenyonihue nya kue nyahi etla tlelapa ka
rain-enough O heaven-nice-LOC for like snow P.4s wash-POT Q
Is there not rain enough in the sweet heaves to wash it white as snow?

William Shakespeare, Hamlet (1600-02), Act III, scene 3, line 43