Amal Phrase

manyan giye yímakimwa
many-an giy-e yí.mak-im-wa

/maɲˈan ɣiˈjɛ jɪːmakiˈmʷa/
request-1s wear-2s clothing.hand-PL-ACC
Please put on gloves.

Yeah, I’m working on Amal again. The grammar is in serious need of revision.


Mutya Script

Mutya Script

Mutya, or Mutyang Baybayin, was designed by E.M. Rentoria as an alternative way to write Filipino. It is a calligraphic version of the Baybayin script for ornamental use. It also has influences from the Thai and Lanna scripts.

While I too have an appreciation for South East Asian scripts, I think this one falls short in presentation. It also seems to randomly borrow from its source scripts leaving the finished product looking more constructed than borrowed. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it sort of misses the mark of being “inspired”. The sample is visually appealing, but it also gives away the issues with an overly complex letter design when trying to create a “calligraphic” script.

I give this script 2X3 for aesthetics and functionality.


swimming through the soup
of linguistic lentils
plucking from the group
of defective mentals

keeping up with changes
as best I can
even what deranges
this shell of a man

Kala phrase

amak na ke ueki tayo hisauek
time-NEG 1s O misfortune 2s.GEN share-VOL-NEG
I never wish to share in your misfortune.

New Kala word

misfortune; crisis; critical situation; disaster

Kala phrase

tsakatlo ke tsumpako peso
/t͡sakaːt͡ɬo kɛ t͡ʃuᵐpaːko pɛːʃo/
house-AG O buy-AG meet
The real estate agent is meeting the client.


I am writing this post on November 3rd.

It is my great hope that the midterm elections favored the Democrats. Not because I consider myself to be “liberal”, or even the more popular term-of-late “progressive”, but because I consider myself a centrist. And this term is even a bit of a misnomer as it does not necessarily conform to the modern American political definition. I have an appreciation for balance…the kind of balance that keeps power out of the hands of a few privileged elite, and makes it more difficult for them to wrangle control over people’s daily lives.

Now, I’m not naïve enough to think that having the Dems in charge will somehow immediately, effectively, or even noticeably improve anyone’s daily life, but it just might (and I stress might here) make it more difficult for #45 and his sycophantic cronies to continue fleecing the federal government for anything that isn’t nailed-down.

What do I think needs to happen to effectively and markedly improve US political discourse and structure? A few more political parties…simply put, having a few more political parties would allow people to have something closer to their values and priorities represented in DC and their respective state capitals. Even just one more national party would be enough to cause significant shifts in DC.

It would be nice to see, in my lifetime, some sensible political reform in the US…something more akin to the rest of the industrialized world, something more like a buffet, rather than just ‘chicken or fish’.