contemplation serves the master
makes the day turn red
cleans away disaster
thinking of things said

caress the mess
make use of the abuse

swim in the fire
hang from the wire

life will not wait


New Kala word

oue – /ˈoːwɛ/
subtle; profound; sophisticated

ha ke oueto unyak
3s O subtle-way understand-NEG
She doesn’t understand how to be subtle.

Kala Phrase

hina ke neku manka
here O winter cold
Winter here is cold.

Kala Phrase

naye aki ameyohue aya
during autumn America-LOC beautiful
Autumn is beautiful in America.

Kala Phrase

naye natsu kitahue tlolohi
during summer north-LOC mild-DIM
It is cool in the north in summer.

Anatomy vocabulary

Anatomy vocabulary, written in Omyatloko syllabary

Image shamelessly stolen from Google.

Kala Phrase

ke sitsak me saua
O heat-NEG but humidity
It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.

NB: I’ve always thought this phrase to be a bit silly, but it’s common, and grammatically interesting, so…yeah.