a dragon and an ember argued about the qualities of fire
neither of them being honest with themselves
does the fire burn within or does it consume from the outside
in any case it burns
it scars
it crackles and pops in an unrelenting way
it leaves nothing untouched

it leaves NOTHING untouched



Life tends to take over interests and hobbies. A serious personal matter has shaken my world, to its core. I want to be conlanging, I want to be writing, creating…but I find it next to impossible to focus or even have a decently creative thought since this occurrence.

Due to this unforeseen and devastating happening, I will be on a break from posting for an undetermined length of time. I do have every intention of returning to regular posts, but the seriousness of this matter, and the attention it demands precludes any commitment to thoughtful, substantive activity.

I wish peace and well-being to anyone that reads this.

Kala Phrase

na nya unya inya
/naː ɲa uːˈɲa iːˈɲa/
1s for know hunger
I hunger for knowledge. (More figuratively: “I yearn for understanding.”)

A nice tongue twister that might used in poetry or elocution.

It’s a fake!

I have concluded that “trust” is an illusion. A comforting story that we tell ourselves in order to cope with the actual state of being – complete and total uncertainty. Perhaps it is overly pessimistic to think in these terms, but you truly cannot even rely on the ground beneath your feet, given earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanoes, etc. Yes, these things are quite appropriately called “disasters” and are infrequent, nevertheless, they do happen.

More to the point, “trust” between people is the most glaring of illusions. Unless science develops a way to read each and every electrical signal in someone’s brain, knowing, for a fact, that individual’s true thoughts and intentions is never going to be possible.

This is complicated even more by the tendency people have to operate by desire, or whim, rather than careful consideration of consequences and repercussions. Now, there are sets of consequences, and unique consequences. A unique consequence might be stubbing a toe due to a lack of attentiveness while on the way to the bathroom at 5am. A set of consequences might be additionally falling over, hitting your head, then being late to work, or even worse, in the emergency room and unable to pay the bill.

Regardless of what someone tells you, or what they might indicate, until the act is completed, you can never truly be sure what they will do, or how they will behave.

Pain, in contrast to “trust”…that is a certainty. At some point, in every person’s life, there will be pain, perhaps minor, maybe gargantuan. The true measure of the soul, though, seems to be how one reacts to this pain. Do you turn it into suffering, or do you strive to make things as good as they can be, or at the very least, as bearable as they need to be in order to live with some modicum of sanity.

Whatever the case, betrayal causes needless pain, pain that can be easily avoided by making intentions fully clear and explicit. But without those explicit intentions, there is never really anything that deserves the word “trust”.


in moments such as these
choose hardship over ease

only the truest friend
will follow through to the end

each day is a test
keep company with the best

be wary of the rest

Thematic Lexicon

I have recently updated the Kala thematic lexicon. The categories are not arranged in any particular order.


wasted are the moments in anger
tasted are the feelings of despair

haste used to make the choices
paste is tried to keep things together

faced are the fears of letting go
spaced are the moments of vulnerability