New Kala word

ponka – /poːᵑka/ – appreciate; enjoy; be grateful

Taken from: bonga

This is not the same as nyasa (which is more nominal), this is most often only verbal.


Kala number hand gestures

How to sign 1-10 with one hand.

Kala phrase

나 거 다그하 나닥
na ke takuha natak
1s O brother-AUG relate-NEG
I don’t have an older brother.

takuha literally means “larger brother”, but by metaphorical extension can mean “older brother”. The literal of “older brother” would be taku ikahatle.

The syllable sequence “tl-(n)k-“

* tlaka / -ta – male; man [masc]
* tlakan – virile; manly
* tlaki – unimpeded; at ease; free from worry; fluent
* tlako – dither; hesitate; pace back and forth; irresolute
* tlaku – enmesh; wrap around; web; net
* tlakua – cricket; slug; snail
* tlanka – level; grade; rank
* tlanke – oval; ellipse; ellipsoidal
* tleka – be mean; be petty; be cruel
* tleke – fan
* tleki – boast; brag; exaggerative; pompous
* tlika – clan; family; kin
* tliki – sulfur; brimstone [color and element]
* tlinka – herring; mackerel; carp
* tlinku – clink of jewels; tinkling of gem-pendants
* tlok – no one; nobody
* tloka – lie; tell an untruth
* tloke – rye [Secale cereale]
* tloko – syllable
* tloku – arch; arched
* tlokua – everybody; everyone

The number of minimal pairs in Kala is high, due to the strict syllable structure and typical lemma being made-up of a CVCV root. I’ve tried to relate a few of these and others I have endeavored to keep from seeming related at all. This makes for some nice tongue twisters and some difficult semantics, but it is a feature that I enjoy.

Puerto Rico

There have barely been whispers about PR since the news of the hurricane covered the papers, web, and cable. However, anyone who pays attention knows that there was recently a studied published by Harvard that suggests over 4500 people died as a result of the Maria, and the aftermath. Even if this number is double the accurate figures, it’s still astronomical when compared to the official numbers.

The lack of coverage in favor of more petty and inconsequential drivel is not a symptom of the culture at large, if anything, it is the cause. Giving people a steady diet of crap that ignores people in need, serious, severe, actual suffering is the literal recipe to create apathetic and increasingly narcissistic individuals.

This is not a claim of moral superiority, this is a cry for help. Not help for me, but help for those in need…the homeless, the veterans, the victims of natural disasters, abused children and spouses. Let the social and political fools beg and plead for your attention, do not give it to them willingly, do not surrender your will, or your conscience

New Kala word

kuasu – /kʷaːʃu/ – arbitrary; subjective

Taken from: zhǔguān

Moya Calligraphy

yama – mountain; hill