Kala Phrase

나디고 냐 가나 거 모사 모야여
natiko nya kana ke mosa moyaye
/natiːko ɲa kaːna kɛ moːʃa mojaːje/
religious-AG for leader O letter write-PST
The priest wrote the king a letter.

Aksara Beringin

The Aksara Beringin script was invented by Adam Damario in 2017. It is an alternative way to write in Indonesian. The characters were modeled from the twists of the hanging roots of the beringin tree (Ficus benjamina) – the tree is also a symbol of unity – which were then modified and simplified.

I have not posted about a script from Omniglot in quite a while. This script, while obviously formulaic and designed with some sort of graphic aid, perhaps Glyphmaker.exe, is actually well done. There is just enough variation in the glyphs to be somewhat naturalistic and gives the script flow. However, I think a handwritten sample would improve the general presentation of the script.

Ch. 7, The Warrior Cuts the Chains

다나고 거 거터 더라
아맘바 다 냐 요우 다요 도무고
야 거 아머 다요 다비 마 거 거터 더라
우맘버 다 지야바

tanako ke ketle tela
amampa ta nya youa tayo tomuako
ya ke ame tayo tapi ma ke ketle tela
uamampe ta tsiyapa

/tanaːko kɛ keːtɬe tɛːla
amaːᵐpa ta ɲa joːwa tomʷaːko
ja kɛ aːme taːjo taːpɪ ma kɛ keːtɬe tɛːla
wamaːᵐpe ta t͡ʃijaːpa/

fight-AG O chain cut
time-much 2s for weakness 2s.POSS slave-AG
VOC O axe 2s.POSS swing and O chain cut
DIST-time-LIM 2s free-ABIL

Ch. 7, The Warrior Cuts the Chains

You have been a slave of your weakness for a long time.
Swing your axe and cut the chains.
Only then will you be freed.

From Path of the Warrior, by Lucas E. Schultz

Kala Idiom

나 규 오조 이냐
na kue otso inya
/na kʷɛ oːt͡ʃo iːɲa/
1s as wolf hunger
I hunger like a wolf. = I’m starving/very hungry

Over the next few weeks I plan on exploring idioms on this page and how to express them (or, how I would) in Kala.

Kala Phrase

어하 냐 다뇬다히 바즈여
eha nya tlanyontahi patsuye
/eːɦa ɲa t͡ɬaɲoⁿtaːɦi pat͡ʃuːjɛ/
P.3s for abuse-child punish-PST
He was punished for child abuse.

Ch. 6, Path of the Warrior

다나고 거 근다 하요 자머
야 자머 마 즈스 마 거 시모휴 도브 | 요돔버 다 냐 어햐 노고디바

tanako ke kunta hayo tsame
ya tsame ma tsusu ma ke simohue topu | yotompe ta nya ehya nokotlipa

fight-AG O army 3s.POSS gather
VOC gather and focus and O abyss-LOC jump | this.path-LIM 2s for completeness remain-FUT-ABIL

The Warrior Gathers his Armies

Gather, accumulate, focus and jump into the abyss. Only by doing so will you be able to stay whole.

From Path of the Warrior, by Lucas E. Schultz

New Kala word

tseue – / t͡ʃɛːwe/ – nail; spike

Taken from: çivi