Kala Phrase

naha nya puna ke asa tomonko
river for land O life provide-CONT
“Rivers give life to the land.”


Kala Phrase

nam mue pana ke mauam anyapak
1pl without rain O flower-PL see-ABIL-NEG
We cannot see the flowers without rain.

Kala Phrase

uye nankua nalo
sometimes 1pl.INCL smile
We all smile sometimes.

Kala Phrase

kuama sama emyatli
always sun happen-FUT
The sun always rises.

Moya Calligraphy

A stylized tanka (“hawk; eagle”) in the traditional Moya.

Elefen Arabesca

“pas, sempre”
Peace, always.

This is an attempt to mimic the process outlined here.

This, and the few that I plan to do in the coming months are my attempt to create Square Kufic Designs similar to those on the great website Sakkal.com. I am using my adaptation of the Arabic script for Elefen, which I affectionately call Arabesca.

Moya calligraphy

A stylized maua (“flower”) in the traditional Moya.