Sipingmato was invented by Lesley Kibat as an alternative way to write Kadazandusun (either Central Dusun or Coastal Kadazan). The name Sipingmato comes from a short version of “Sampaping do Pimato” (Alphabet’s sides). This script is adapted from the Hebrew and Arabic scripts. The Sipingmato letters are similar to Hebrew letters, but some are flipped horizontally.

This script has potential, as many do, but there is an issue with presentation. I’m also not sure that it would function well as a handwritten script. There also seems to be some terminology mistakes on the page, but that very well may be because the author is Malaysian. I would be interested to see a handwritten/calligraphic version of this script.

This script gets a 2×3 for aesthetics and functionality.

New Kala word

ulo – /uːlo/ – crop rotation (agricultural practice)

Taken from: vuoroviljely

Kala Phrase

ya ke tsanikua sotatle hauak
/ja kɛ t͡ʃaniːkʷa sotaːt͡ɬɛ haːwak/
VOC O story-all scatter-REL believe-NEG
Don’t believe all the stories he’s put about.

NB: This phrase is obviously pro-drop as the 3s would be understood from context.

Kala Idiom

즈러리 언감바
tsuleli enkampa
/t͡sulɛːli eᵑkaːᵐpa/
thread-each tight-much
Each thread is very tight. (strictly according to the rules; meticulous; not one hair out of place)

Over the next few weeks I plan on exploring idioms on this page and how to express them (or, how I would) in Kala.

Ch. 9, Path of the Warrior

다나고 더버기
도 어다 가어 오바모 아모
다 냐어 으문거 거 아냐바허 어다 마악 아냐

tanako tepeki

to eta ka’e opamo amo
ta nya’e umuanke ke anyapahe eta ma’ak anya

/tanaːko tɛpeːki

to eːta kaːʔe opaːmo aːmo
ta ɲaːʔe umʷaːnke kɛ aɲapaːɦɛ eːta maːʔak aːɲa/

fight-AG cover-REFL

way P.2sg toward danger-place carry
2s pain-ABE O see-ABIL-NEC P.2s without see

The Warrior Conceals Himself

The way carries you to a dangerous place.
In order to come out unharmed, you must be able to see without being seen.

From Path of the Warrior, by Lucas E. Schultz

New Kala word

kyohua – /kʲoːhʷa / – exchange; swap; trade; transpose

Taken from: 교환

Ch. 8, Path of the Warrior

다나고 냐 브즈 다사

끼후벼 브즈 어다 토소
다어하 거 너자하 예다부
다 지야유 야티 거 자마 교후허
야 마어 야라 거 근다 다요 자머

tanako nya putsu tasa

nkihuapye putsu eta tloso
ta’eha ke netsaha yetapua
ta tsiyaue yatli ke tsama kyohuahe
ya ma’e yala ke kunta tayo tsame

/tanaːko ɲa puːt͡su taːʃa

ᵑkiɦʷaːpʲɛ puːt͡su ɛːta t͡ɬoːʃo
taʔeɦa kɛ net͡ʃaːha jɛtaːpʷa
ta t͡sɪjaːwe jaːt͡ɬi kɛ t͡saːma kʲohʷaːɦɛ
ja maːʔe jaːla kɛ kuːⁿta taːjo t͡ʃaːmɛ/

fight-AG for demon seek

much.time-excessive demon P.2s harass
2s-P.3s O advantage-AUG give-PFV
2s free-VOL if.X.then.Y O role swap-NEC
VOC before travel O army 2s.GEN gather

The Warrior Searches for the Demon

The demon has harassed you for too long.
You have given him a big advantage.
If you want to be free you have to exchange roles.
Gather your armies before beginning the journey.

From Path of the Warrior, by Lucas E. Schultz