Kala phrase

ke sotsimpa ipa yempahue
/kɛ soˈt͡ʃɪːᵐpa ˈiːpa jeˈᵐpaːhʷɛ/
O dish-many different table-LOC
There are several different dishes on the table.


Kala phrase

uatsuko nya nkihako ke tlaka tsumimue hauamyapyaye
/waˈt͡suːko ɲa ᵑkiˈɦako kɛ ˈt͡ɬaːka t͡suˈmɪːmʷe hawamʲaˈpʲaːjɛ/
law-AG for judge-AG O man guilt-ABE believe-CAUS-ATT-PST
The lawyer tried to convince the judge that the man was innocent.

Kala phrase

uenehi nahahue
/weˈnɛːɦi naˈhaːɦʷe/
boat-DIM river-LOC
There is a little boat on the river.

Which one?

a) Epigraphic
b) Handwritten
c) Billboard (3D)
d) Kufic
e) Text / Typed

So there are a few styles of Omyatloko. Which one do you prefer?

Kala phrase

otlamaya ke nyelo yatek ku misa tapyak naye tala ma yala
bird-water O remainder abandon-NEG and path follow-NEG while come and go
Coming, going, the waterbirds don’t leave a trace don’t follow a path.

New Kala word

income; receipts; earnings; revenue

Comic Strip

na nya ta ke kotlo pako tsumpaye
1s for 2s O pot new buy-PST
I bought you a new pot!

Thank you very much!

nya ko ke kotlo pako ka
for AG O pot new Q
Who is the new pot for?

All Beetle Bailey strips are the work and property of 2018 Mike Yates and Janie Walker-Yates.