Kala Phrase

iketsua etankua tlipik
/ikeːt͡ʃʷa etaːˌᵑkʷa t͡ɬiːˌpɪk/
PROX-decision P.2p-all bind-NEG
This decision is not binding on all of you.

Kala Phrase

itlenyelomo ke muhi yema sana ntalotle yapo
PROX-apartment-PL-place O environment both.and health consider building
This block of apartments is a building that takes both the environment and health into consideration.

Handwritten Omyatloko

An exercise in “handwritten” Omyatloko versus the monumental.

A) monumental incorporating logoglyphs

B) monumental syllables only

C) handwritten incorporating logoglyphs

D) handwritten syllables only

sata-kan te nisi ma’ak niya ke kunta naye kam ke tli’uma nyahi tlipiye nalomyoyek
govern-chief of west without reason O army during 3SG O COL-horse whitetie-up-PTS smile-PERM-PST-NEG
The chief governor of the West, without cause (reason), did not allow the army to smile while they tied-up the team of white horses.


To anyone that follows this blog, I sincerely apologize for my lack of writing over the last three weeks. I attended a family reunion and started a new job. Those are not meant as excuses, but reasons. My internet access has been minimal and spotty. I assure you, in the weeks and months to come there will be plenty more Kala, poetry, and political ramblings for you to enjoy/ignore/disagree with.


PS: In the meantime, enjoy this:

Omyatloko Update

So, I promised 500 logoglyphs by the end of the year. Well, I got preoccupied with grammar and lexeme development, so I haven’t gotten past 252 glyphs. However, I did create a “text” version of the script.

na ke suku nya ina tsumpa ka’elaye
/na kɛ suːˈku ɲaː iˈna t͡ʃuːˈᵐpa kaʔɛˈlaje/
1sg O market for food buy toward-MOT-PST
I went to the market to buy some food.

You’ll find that it corresponds to the handwritten version quite well. That being said, I might only ever use it for the occasional sample phrase.

Kala Phrase

kona nayo sekunimpa
dress 1sg.POSS design-nice-very
My dress is richly figured.

yotsam hayo mpakayek
cheek-PL 3sg.POSS be.lined-PST-NEG
His cheeks were unlined.

peya yema hanka te ikanko ausa opya
spot both wrinkle of age-PROG skin be.symptomatic
Age spots and wrinkles are symptoms of skin aging.

hanka – fold; crease; wrinkle; pucker and opya – symptom; indication; symptomatic are both new words

Kala Phrase

kam paheyasa ilaye
3pl against-wind fly-PST
They flew upwind.

nya yoko pahe motso munyeha
for swim against current be.difficult-AUG
It is really hard to swim against the current.

ha tsayeli pako paheko
3sg since-each young against-AG
He has been a rebel ever since he was young.