my irrational fear of carpenter bees is interfering with my wandering aimlessly through my spaceship in nothing but my bathrobe while the neighborhood robots wash their slippers in the turpentine I laid out for my pet dragon to drink after he hunts down the little girl that stole my balloons as revenge for the portrait of a rusted car that I hung in the foyer of her tree house which fell from the 30th floor when the porcupine decided to sell it on Amazon with a discount for anyone with a bionic leg except if blue-colored because his cousin doesn’t like quinoa when paired with Merlot or brie on saltines with flecks of kelp

it’ll be better tomorrow

‘cause it’ll be Saturday


Zhuangzi quote

노야 규 토마 사보하 / 톡어타 그히박
더서 규 가야 수라하 / 톡어타 나주박

noya kue tloma sapoha / tloketla kuhipak
tese kue kaya sualaha / tloketla natsuapak

be.happy like feather light-AUG / AG.NEG-P.4sg grasp-ABIL-NEG
suffer like world heavy-AUG / AG.NEG-P.4sg release-ABIL-NEG

Happiness is lighter than a feather, no one can grasp it.
Suffering is heavier than the earth, no one can let it go.
— Zhuangzi


the scars don’t fade in the sunlight, nor do the bruises give way to the sublime kisses from loved ones
there is no respite for those truly motivated to fulfill a promise
relinquish nothing
carry it all without regret


purples and blues

we pay our dues

blacks and grays

all the long days

grays and whites

all the long nights


if I’da known
when I got grown
I had to be
on my own

stronger seeds
I woulda sown


how I wish for the senility to accept the things I cannot remember
the strength to lift the groceries
the wisdom to know where I left the keys
and the balance to not myself dismember

kindness is my currency
without urgency

step, softly

Cheated Hearts

“Sometimes I think that I’m bigger than the sound.”