My interests include linguistics, politics, international affairs and anything comedic. This blog exists primarily as a way for me to comment on any of those topics.

My personal conlang (constructed language) is the primary focus of this blog. I am open to suggestions and ideas and welcome feedback.

I appreciate you visiting and reading.

I can be found on Twitter @tlacamazatl, or on Tumblr.

4 thoughts on “About

    • Manik means “deer” and tlacamazatl comes from Classical Nahuatl “tlācatl “person” + mazātl “deer; wild beast; horse””…This is because my surname also means “deer” and I have a sincere interest in Mesoamerican culture and language.


  1. I too have a deep interest in Mesoamerica – especially Mayan – language, religion, philosophy and concepts of time and space. Their world makes a great deal of sense to me although I don’t think I would have liked to live in their society. Manik is the Hand of Itzamna which reaches out to take what is needed and is used to indicate, or is translated as (when not just indicating the seventh day of the month) The Hunt – and by extension, of course, is also often translated directly as The Deer. My Nahuatl is obviously rusty – practically nonexistent really Aztec is not my strong suit either. Meanwhile, I once borrowed an old Sanskrit word, kaalapurusha, as the name of a story book character. I believe it breaks down to kala, meaning time and, purusha, meaning spirit of. Any connection to your Kuala?


    • No, no connection to my “Kala”. I do not subscribe to any metaphysical beliefs, and my constructed language is for artistic expression unrelated to any spiritual pursuits.


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