Moya calligraphy

kaua – /kaːwa/ – coffee

yomuali na kauahe
morning-each 1s coffee-NEC
I need coffee each morning.


Kala Phrase

우사바로 므린거
uasapalo mulinke
MED-shoe-PL comfort-ABE
Those sneakers are uncomfortable.


“I am all the days
That you choose to ignore”

na ke yomali
ta utseuetle

Kala Phrase

다 거 가바 까바 이느 야티 거 구 우냐티
ta ke kapa nkapa inu yatli ta ke kua unyatli
2s O enough alcohol drink therefore 2s O all understand-FUT
If you drink enough wine or beer, you’ll understand everything.

Remembrance Day

Never forget.


A soft breath on your neck
I know that you are a wreck
A firm tug on your hair
I do this because I care
slowly caressing your skin
holding you down before I begin
I want to be your smile
hearing you groan, all the while
we will share our pain
your heart will strain


I will be taking a break from posting for a few weeks. I will return. Peace to all.