New Kala word

kuaya – /ˈkʷaːja/ – praise; applaud; cheer

Taken from: kuājiǎng


Kala Phrase

티아냐고 거 가나하 바고 구야
tli’anyako ke kanaha pako kuaya
COL-watch-AG O chief-AUG new applaud
The audience is applauding the new president.

Malagueña Salerosa – Chingon

Kala Phrase

다 거 수기 다오 야거터 여오 반가티
tla ke suaki ta’o yaketle ye’o pankatli
4sg O rabbit two chase-REL zero catch-FUT
One who chases two rabbits catches none.


the scars don’t fade in the sunlight, nor do the bruises give way to the sublime kisses from loved ones
there is no respite for those truly motivated to fulfill a promise
relinquish nothing
carry it all without regret

Omyatloko WIP

So, I’m still updating and expanding on Omyatloko. I’ve begun to catalog various sets of possible glyphs first by shape and then by position. This seems to be the most efficient way to keep track of the glyphs, and I have tried many ways.

This is an example of one of the “sheets”:

As you can see, it’s the “hand” radical rotated and combined with the vowel markers (which do not actually covey any phonemic information unless said “hand” permutation is assigned a consonant sound).

Some of the sheets are – so far – full of unused glyphs, while others are filled with many already assigned glyphs. All in all, it’s progressing, but there is much left to do.

Niyaz – Dünya

If anyone ever finds the lyrics for this song, please let me know.