Kala phrase



it’s difficult for me to discuss my feelings for a myriad of reasons, primary among these is my AS and my fear of ridicule so this may seem more like a stream of consciousness than any sort of coherent thought but what is important is that this place just as neutral as any other

if I stay I subject myself to emotional turmoil that is both unnecessary and devastatingly harmful to me and potentially others that I care about…but if I go it will most definitely have immediate and long-lasting effects that will also be mostly irrevocable

I have stood my ground for almost 23 years through issues both big and small…I have tried to grow as a person and motivate others to do the same…to no avail…I have failed to motivate others, and in some ways grow myself, but I firmly believe that my efforts have been in good faith while others seem to have regressed to an apparently adolescent mindset

when I attempt to fathom the infinite possible outcomes of either decision I am overwhelmed with stress and feelings of anxiety but I am weirdly comforted by the knowledge that there is no deadline and these decisions can be thought of as fluid in nature

I am afforded days of solitude by my chosen profession, however I always return to this precarious situation that both fills me with joy and stifles me with dread

wondering what to do does not occupy every waking moment, so I know I am better off than many others who suffer endlessly with feelings of anxiety, however this does not comfort me while having moments of despair as much as it maybe should

in almost every way this is undoubtedly of my own making, as are many situations that I find anxiety inducing, but others are most often much easier to reason through and endure…and affect fewer people that I care about (in a very personal way)

no matter what I try to stay humble knowing that a few decades from now, none (or almost none) of these feelings will matter and all of the people involved will have moved on (including me)


Manjikana is an alternative writing system for Japanese created by Fatbardh Kraja in 2018. Being certain that the current writing systems (Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana and Romaji) do not suit the Japanese language, the author was able to determine 8 unresolved issues while writing.

Inspired by the “Manji” symbol (卍), he was able to find 8 solutions, all included in one single writing system. Manjikana fits the Japanese language’s characteristics, as well as all its dialects.

This system, while aesthetically pleasing, is lacking in linguistic understanding. Creating separate symbols for “sh”, “ts”, and “ch” fails to recognize them as allophonic of other phonemes. The description mentions: “The Manjikana writing system consists of only 33 (+ 2 extra) sounds”, when in fact, Japanese has about 15 consonant phonemes. This does not detract from the appeal of a somewhat simplified system for japanese, but upon close examination, it should be clear that this system isn’t exactly simplified. Pretty, but hardly simplified. I would also take issue with the authors assertion that Kanji, Hiragana, and Katakana do not suit the Japanese language. They’ve been using these systems for two thousand years. That would seem to very much meet the definition of “suitable”.

a million light reflections pass over me

little one

a wand, a crown, and a dress
a nap, a snack, and then a mess

a song, and then a dance
my heart never had a chance

born between the trees
bringing laughter and tears with ease

your every moment is the most grand
how I melt when I hold your hand


frolicking frogs frantically fornicating
forcibly far from family and
fried fritters foaming fearfully
furnished with forks felines and fortitude



Nitalha is an alternative spelling system for English invented by Sam Langer in 2019. It uses combinations of syllables to create a different sound for each English sound, similar to an abugida. Sam was inspired by Sascha Mücke’s Kalis Script when he made it.

Stop that. It’s no more an “alternative spelling system” than Cyrillic is for English. This is a substitution cipher, and not a even somewhat complex one at that. This is no different than the Caesar cipher.

Simon has gotten fairly lax in what he accepts for his site. For example, I’m inclined to think he’s being trolled with this entry, by the same author, no less.