Kala Idiom

거 우소 나요 여노
ke uaso nayo yeno
/kɛ waːʃo naːjo jɛːno/
O cup 1s.POSS be.full
My cup is full.

“this matter doesn’t concern me”; i.e. I have my tea, so the lack of tea is not my concern. A fairly egoistic phrase, but useful nonetheless.

Over the next few weeks I plan on exploring idioms on this page and how to express them (or, how I would) in Kala.

oh my

she knows why
wind floats by

birds go fly
questions do pry

clouds so high
end now nigh

boys don’t cry

Gandalf Quote

아사텀바 거 그바 지더 마 그바터미 거 아사지더 |다어타 여다바 가 | 야 냐 여다 그바 마 끼하 브허간거
asatlempa ke kupa tsite ma kupatlemi ke asa tsite | ta’etla yetapa ka | ya nya yeta ke kupa ma’a nkiha puhekanke
live-REL-many O death deserve and die-REL-few O life deserve | 2s-P.4s give-ABIL Q | VOC for give O death and judgment eager-AUG-NEG
“Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgment.”

Play on repeat

Realize that time is meaningless
comfort is timeless
words are only sounds
the body, only pounds

Sannena’iši script

I don’t post about the new scripts on Omniglot any more, for several reasons, but mostly it’s because they are often not really that well done, honestly. This script, is not on Omniglot, and I found it by chance, on Tumblr. None-the-less, I’m bewildered, flabbergasted, nay, in love with it. It can be seen here, or here.


Sample 1

Ren iyipuyeš uúštegar utiuneniš o’ihanaš xiš pëtšgesiš na’ye šapayiš.
A pessimistic man carries an umbrella but an optimist knows that it can be stolen if he needs one.

Sample 2

Yaš a’puš meé. Ama enaš ye. Max ye o’aputisiren.
There is no good and evil. Everything is between. There is nothing but what a man can bear.

a silly wish

I don’t want to travel to the future to see the flying cars, self-replicating pizza, or sex robots…no, I want to go to see the society that has forgotten tribalism, ancient fairy tales, and the entire notion of “us vs them”.



to begin

irrespective of giving-in

those engulfed by the din

can feel it moving across their skin

always searching for a twin