David Jablow


Mister Jablow’s art is the best type of provocative. It forces one to reconsider preconceived notions, mostly about morality and cultural norms.

My favorite example of his work is:

Innocuous enough, until he takes it in a wondrously detailed direction:

Whether his work is a commentary on society, or simply a jab at things commonly thought of as banal, it serves the viewer a helping of introspection, and in doing so pointedly wets one’s appetite for more.

Xooang Choi

These absolutely surreal, yet realistic, sculptures are the reason I love art. Please visit Choi Xooang’s website, and/or make the time to see one of his exhibits.

Wisdom from Leonard Nimoy

asa kue niuahi amahilo uampe pala ehe tomepak pa’e motohue
life like garden-DIM time-DIM-PL perfect can.be but preserve-ABIL-NEG except.for memory-LOC

Foc, Rodrigo y Gabriela, en vive

It seems the simplest forms of expression tend to be the most powerful.

Mitsuru Nagata

Calligraphy is an art form that I very much appreciate. I also relish in the Japanese aesthetic. Because of these interests, I thoroughly enjoy shodō. To that end, I often search for modern practitioners to revel in their talent. Recently I found Mitsuru Nagata and his website: http://nagatayakyoto.net/ It’s a wonderful place to see his work and appreciate the art fom.

Some examples:

Also check his twitter and youtube channel.


구마 마나 오바 |타 거 마라하 토미 마 거 다마하 브가 |아막 나 냐 마나 더약 |마나 냐 뷰도고터 다허라기 냐 어타 디그 여담버

kuama mana opa | tla ke malaha tlomi ma ke tamaha puka | amak na nya mana teyak | mana nya puetokotle tahelaki nya etla tiku yetampe

always power danger | 4sg O bad-AUG attract and O good-AUG corrupt | never 1sg for power request-NEG | power for be.ready-AG-REL low-MOT-REFL for P.4sg pick-up give-LIM

Power is always dangerous. It attracts the worst. And corrupts the best. I never asked for power. Power is only given to those who are prepared to lower themselves to pick it up.


veni a nosa casa
tua carga es pesosa

el ia dise no
ma nos dise tota no

come con nos
e iniora la ante cuandos

La popla de la mundo debe junta per combate la odia de persones con mentes pico. Ama es plu potiosa ce odia. Vade abrasa lo!