Kala Idiom

더 버야 거 무나 기타
te peya ke muana kitla
/te pɛːja ke mʷaːna kiːtɬa/
from dot O ocean create
To make an ocean from a drop. = to make a mountain out of a molehill

Over the next few weeks I plan on exploring idioms on this page and how to express them (or, how I would) in Kala.

Ch. 7, The Warrior Cuts the Chains

다나고 거 거터 더라
아맘바 다 냐 요우 다요 도무고
야 거 아머 다요 다비 마 거 거터 더라
우맘버 다 지야바

tanako ke ketle tela
amampa ta nya youa tayo tomuako
ya ke ame tayo tapi ma ke ketle tela
uamampe ta tsiyapa

/tanaːko kɛ keːtɬe tɛːla
amaːᵐpa ta ɲa joːwa tomʷaːko
ja kɛ aːme taːjo taːpɪ ma kɛ keːtɬe tɛːla
wamaːᵐpe ta t͡ʃijaːpa/

fight-AG O chain cut
time-much 2s for weakness 2s.POSS slave-AG
VOC O axe 2s.POSS swing and O chain cut
DIST-time-LIM 2s free-ABIL

Ch. 7, The Warrior Cuts the Chains

You have been a slave of your weakness for a long time.
Swing your axe and cut the chains.
Only then will you be freed.

From Path of the Warrior, by Lucas E. Schultz

Star Trek Discovery vs The Orville

This is the new Star Trek Discovery trailer. And as exciting as it is, I’m uneasy about much of the aesthetic choices, most especially the Klingons. Yes, I know the Klingons have changed a few times, but never this drastically, or for seemingly just the heck of it. Some will point out that when he had the money, Roddenberry changed the look of several aliens…well, yes, he did, but he did it to what we know from the ’80s and ’90s, not this new version. I’m not trying to make the case that new aliens and a modern aesthetic are contrary to good storytelling, that judgment will need to wait until the show actually airs. However, what many fans have come to expect from Trek is a certain level of consistency, and this seems to disregard consistency for what I can only assume is renewed interest.

Keeping in mind that this show will air only its pilot on network television, and then reside behind a paywall, CBS is banking on serious interest that this trailer only barely stirs, at least in someone that has watched Star Trek most of his life. I hope that the show will have success, but given the issues they’ve had with the roll-out, delays, budget and personnel, I fear this show may be shorter lived than Enterprise was.

Meanwhile, this is the trailer for a new show on Fox, starring Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy, American Dad, and so much more. This show looks to be a lighter look at the future and space exploration, almost refreshing given the numerous dystopian themes running through much of network and cable television. This seems like a bit of a coup for Fox as “The Orville” looks more like Trek than the new Trek. It also, by using humor, might have an edge over a show that seems like it might be focusing a bit to much on the drama of space travel…and doing so in horrible stylistic contrast to its predecessors.

I will admit that I am looking forward to both of these shows, but there is reason to bet on the latter having more success than the former if nothing else but because people might want a healthy dose of funny and interesting rather than space battles galore plus drama. The current political climate might just be the thing that sets the shows against each other.

Kala Idiom

나 규 오조 이냐
na kue otso inya
/na kʷɛ oːt͡ʃo iːɲa/
1s as wolf hunger
I hunger like a wolf. = I’m starving/very hungry

Over the next few weeks I plan on exploring idioms on this page and how to express them (or, how I would) in Kala.

milam kihuyo

Weather icons and vocabulary

pakyotini – spiral storm; tornado
pakyotsene – lightning storm(s)
pakyoha – big storm
pana – rain; rainy
panahi – light rain; drizzle; showers, etc
kihua – clear; fine [weather]
kohu – fog; foggy; mist
manka – cool; cold
nyahi – snow; snowy
nyepa – cloud; cloudy
sama – sun; sunny
samatso – partly cloudy (lit: half-sun)
samahi – partly sunny (lit: sun-small)
saua – wet; humid; damp
seka – dry
sitsa – heat; hot; warm
etsa – temperature; degree
yasa – wind; windy
yelo – hail; freeze; ice; sleet

Kala Idiom

디마 거 냐바 디누하
tima ke nyapa tinuaha
/tiːma kɛ ɲaːpa tinʷaːha/
blood O wine be.strong-AUG
Blood is stronger than wine. = blood is thicker than water

This means that relationships of family are stronger than those made in friendship, or more specifically over a glass of wine.

Over the next few weeks I plan on exploring idioms on this page and how to express them (or, how I would) in Kala.

Current Political News

Not that anyone asked, but my feelings about the current political happenings in the USA can easily be summarized by the following image:

Whatever may happen in the short or long term, rest assured the period following January 20th, 2017 (’til whenever) will long be discussed and written about as one of the must tumultuous in domestic American politics.