Elefen Arabesca

ama – love; affection

This, and the few that I plan to do in the coming months are my attempt to create Square Kufic Designs similar to those on the great website Sakkal.com. I am using my adaptation of the Arabic script for Elefen, which I affectionately call Arabesca.


Kala Idiom

조 거 야가 자미부
tso ke yaka tsamipua
/t͡ʃoː kɛ jaːka t͡samɪːpʷa/
already O leg pluck.off-PFV
The leg’s already been plucked off. = The worst has already happened (or been done). Nothing else can be done to correct this.

Over the next few months I plan on exploring idioms on this page and how to express them (or, how I would) in Kala.

Ch. 12, Path of the Warrior

다나고 거 도 더나다나고 거 도 더나
끼후 다 히가부
다이 냐 므야 인디부 그 아노 냐 어먀딤
머 어먀디북
임보 다 므야허

tanako ke to tena
nkihua ta hikapua
ta’i nya muya intipua ku ano nya emyatim
me emyatipuak
impo ta muyahe

/tanaːko kɛ to teːna
ᵑkiːɦʷa ta ɦikaːpʷa
taːʔi ɲa muːja ɪⁿtiːpʷa ku aːno ɲa emʲaːtim
mɛ emʲatɪːpʷak
iːᵐpo ta mujaːɦɛ/

fight-AG O way obstruct
long.time 2s wait-PFV
2s.REFL for do restrain-PFV CONJ again for occurrence-normal-PL
but occurrence-normal-PFV-NEG
therefore 2s do-NEC

The Warrior Obstructs the Way
It is enough.
You have waited for a long time.
You have restrained yourself from acting, waiting for things to take up their natural course once more.
But they have not done it.
So you must act.

From Path of the Warrior, by Lucas E. Schultz

Kala Idiom

타마 우지 뉴시
tlama uatsi nuesi
/t͡ɬaːma waːt͡ʃi nʷɛːʃi/
sometime fish drown
Occasionally, even fish drown. = even experts get it wrong

Over the next few months I plan on exploring idioms on this page and how to express them (or, how I would) in Kala.

Trek Rant, sort of

So, lately I’ve been writing a few opinion pieces for a Star Trek blog. While I have been a long-time fan, and I enjoy writing, I’ve noticed that there are a multitude of serious fans that do not take kindly to having their precious sci-fi put to scrutiny. This is not a serious issue for me, as I am inclined to write and let my writing stand without much regret. However, it isn’t a goal of mine to ridicule or take away pleasure in a franchise that has endured for half a century.

My general view of the news series, starting on September 24th of this year, is that there have been multiple delays; key personnel have left the show, only to be replaced by others with less stellar resumes, and the overall look of the show has veered toward a Abrams-style that many fans found off-putting in the latest trilogy of films.

The tricky thing here is accepting a realistic assessment of a sci-fi television show…I say that because certainly a portion of the fan base wants to simply watch and be entertained, and not have the fantasy of it all be criticized or revealed as such. That’s completely understandable, but what would be too far? How much change is acceptable before a fan looses interest? Or, is it the fan, through aging, that no longer can accept the fantastical nature of a show like Discovery. These questions are perhaps too philosophical and overly analytical for a TV show, but they seem relevant none-the-less.

One possibility, that with a newer generation running things at CBS and Paramount, as well as a younger audience to entice, things need to change, things need to be fresh in order to be successful. My guess is that no one will ever reach a definitive answer for all of the consternation felt by so many for all of the various reasons they might voice could very well simply be veiled crotchetiness.

As for me, I’m well passed it all. I’ve lost interest in the whole debate; the Klingons, the style of the show, the uniforms, the characters…etc. I have seen every episode of Trek that has ever been shown on TV, but this newest series might be the one I skip, based on nothing more than wanting to have plausible deniability to avoid discussion and debate about its various controversial aspects.

#45’s “MAGA”

I almost wanna make a conlang based on nothing more than “#MAGA”…It would have multiple meanings based on context.

maga – v – to conduct a brazenly open criminal enterprise while claiming otherwise

maga – n – a lie that is immediately disprovable

maga – adj – foolish on a global scale/stage

maga – adv – synonym; rudely, selfishly, ignorantly


Kala Idiom

야라조 마 거우
yalatso ma keua
/jalaːt͡ʃo ma kɛːwa/
walk-half and abandon
to give up halfway; leave something unfinished = 半途而废 (bàn tú ér fèi): means to walk half the road and give up. You use it when start doing something, only to quit in the middle.

Over the next few weeks I plan on exploring idioms on this page and how to express them (or, how I would) in Kala.