Play on repeat

Realize that time is meaningless
comfort is timeless
words are only sounds
the body, only pounds

Foc, Rodrigo y Gabriela, en vive

It seems the simplest forms of expression tend to be the most powerful.

Musical interlude

A beautifully melodic and rhythmic song.

drops of rain

and standing

where did you go that you thought you could return?
did you not see the house as it began to burn?

the clock has stopped and you must leave
none of the others will bother to grieve

you can wipe us out anytime
using your petty, wild grime

the rain drops fall
as you waste it all

drops of rain
outstanding pain

On the move

The movement never stops,
the trees and the crops,
they continue to grow,
even with all we know.

Batuque (remix)

Sometimes…you should simply let the rhythm flow through you.

Koyunbaba, by Carlo Domeniconi

This piece of music was key to my well-being just a few days ago. Perhaps it can serve a similar purpose in your life.