no I don’t want fifty thousand bonus miles
you can keep your latest trending styles

there are no deals
that I think of as steals

I’m do not need the next gadget
I’ve been just fine ’til now without it

give me a day without bings or bells
a moment without noises or smells

turn off all of the machines
bless the silence and all of the in-betweens


New Amal word

dokra – v
be scared; afraid; “freak out”


Allow every part of you to exist
do not resist

breathe softly inward and out
find nothing to think about

give big and take small
as one, we live, all

New Kala word


The plural is inferred.

Amal Phrase

yímakim kabeshumla bimakim lai
clothing.hand-PL fit-PST-3pl-NEG DAT-hand-PL 3s.GEN
The gloves did not fit his hands.

Amal Phrase

manyan giye yímakimwa
many-an giy-e yí.mak-im-wa

/maɲˈan ɣiˈjɛ jɪːmakiˈmʷa/
request-1s wear-2s clothing.hand-PL-ACC
Please put on gloves.

Yeah, I’m working on Amal again. The grammar is in serious need of revision.

Mutya Script

Mutya Script

Mutya, or Mutyang Baybayin, was designed by E.M. Rentoria as an alternative way to write Filipino. It is a calligraphic version of the Baybayin script for ornamental use. It also has influences from the Thai and Lanna scripts.

While I too have an appreciation for South East Asian scripts, I think this one falls short in presentation. It also seems to randomly borrow from its source scripts leaving the finished product looking more constructed than borrowed. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it sort of misses the mark of being “inspired”. The sample is visually appealing, but it also gives away the issues with an overly complex letter design when trying to create a “calligraphic” script.

I give this script 2X3 for aesthetics and functionality.