Kala Dictionary


pata – tile; brick
pato – duck; male prostitute (slang)
paka – be a fool; idiot
pako – be fresh; new; young
paku – beat with the fist; cudgel; hammer
pakyo – storm; violent commotion
pama – whip; lash; flog; thrash
pami – invent; invention; concoct
pamua / -mua – not enough; be insufficient; inadequate
pamya – okra
panto – tomato
panka – capture; catch; seize
pana – rain; rainy
pani – vanilla; vanilla extract [fruit; tree; color]
pano – cloth; woven material; textiles
panu – pastry; steamed bun; cake
panue – colon (large intestine)
panya – rodent [rat; mouse]
pasa – nausea; feel sick; disgust
pasi – bronze; brass; copper alloy
pasua – expand; inflate; swelling
pasue – drain; divert water; run dry
paha – be evil; fierce; vicious; ugly; coarse
pahe – against; touching
pahi – be compatible; conform; tolerate
pahu – burst; crack; breach
patsa – grate; shred [vegetable]
patsi – breed livestock; herd
patsu – penalize; punish
patla – field; pasture; plain
patle – act spoiled; throw tantrum
patlo – broom; brush; sweep
pala / -pa – can; may; possible; able to
pale – sale; sell
pali – be saved/spared from [something]
palo – cane; staff; walking stick
pa’a – be well-ordered; regular; organized
pa’e – apart from; other than; except for
pa’o – eight; 8
pa’u – tree bark
paue – be bland; tedious
paye – beyond; exceeding; farther than
peta – to map; to chart; to draft; cartographic
peka – bat [animal]
penka – impetus; impulse; be impulsive
penku – conjunction; connective
pena – go about; busy oneself; occupy onself
penua – continent; island
penya – grapple; scuffle; wrestle
penyo – hot pepper; jalapeño; chili; paprika
pesa – bolt of cloth
pese – gland
peso – meet; meeting
peha – drill; penetrate; puncture
pehu – admire; revere
petsa – be delicate; soft; tender [inexperienced]
petsi – basement; cellar
petso – abdomen; belly; stomach
petle – noise imitative of a fart; raspberry
pela – cancel; cancellation
pele – volcano; volcanic
pelo – advance; improve; progress
peua – admit defeat; concede
peya / -pe – particle; piece of; dot; speck; spot; bit
pita – be void; hollow; empty
pite – manatee; walrus
pito – navel; belly button
pima – buttermilk
pisa – savage act; outrage; atrocity
pinka – biscuit; cookie; cracker
pina – be clever; intelligent; wise
pitsa – pancake; pizza
pitsin – pidgin [language]
pitsu – hall; museum
pitle – discriminate; discrimination
pila – crush; grind; pulverize
pili – hyena
piua – loquat [fruit; tree; color]
piyo – bee; honeybee
poti – goat; ram
poto – image; picture; photograph
poka – seal; pinniped
poke – obscure; confuse; mix up; blur; mislead
poko – bladder; urinate; urine
poku – cost; fee; price; charge
poma – apple [fruit; tree; color]
ponto – cannon; gun; artillery [fire ~]
pono – face powder
posa – divorce
poso – radical [glyph]
posu – award; prize; reward
potsa – blot; erase; wipe out
potsu – lay siege to, besiege
pola – shovel; spade; spatula [kitchen utensil]
poli – force; violence
polo – hops; seed cones
poya – complain; grumble; grievance
poye – ally with; form an alliance with
pute – deficiency; deficit
puti – mint; spearmint
puka – be corrupt; decay; rot
puki – pomegranate [fruit; tree]
puku / -pu – attire; clothes; wear
pukue – blowfish; puffer
punta – betray; rebel; revolt
punka – fruit; fruit tree
puna – dirt; earth; land; soil; mud
punu – minute [of time]
punya – jab; poke; stab [fuck]
pusa – adverb
pusu – shake; shock; vibrate
pusue – be superfluous or useless; superfluities
puha – lung
putsu – goblin; monster; phantom
pula – cauldron; kettle; pot
puaka – forehead; skull; temples
puampo – misinterpret; misread; misunderstand
puama – afternoon; dusk; evening [p.m.]
puana – deity; spiritual; ghost
puani – bank; beach; coast; shore
puatli – calf [of the leg]
pue – after; back; behind; rear
pueto – be ready/willing to do sth
puetsa – mantis; octopus
pyaka – tiger
pyano – piano
pyasa – custom; convention; popular; common
pyeta – egg; ovum; spawn
pyete – be slimy [of rotten food]; viscous
pyota – cube; block; be square
pyoki / -pyo – disease; ill; sick
pyonka – be parallel; parallelogram
pyona – be brittle; fragile; crisp; crunchy
pyoho – flea; mite; tick
pyotsi – tail or caudal fin or feathers
pyola – to rotate; to revolve; to spin; to whirl
pyolo – business; office
pyo’o – multiply by itself; square


mpaka – border; boundary; frontier; line
mpana – wide; broad; extensive; vast; width
mpano – clamp; pincers; pliers; tongs
mpasu – make do; manage; get by with
mpaha – valuable; costly; expensive
mpahe – integrate; synthesize
mpatso – comfort; console; stroke; caress
mpala – odd number
mpale – turn over; flip over; overturn
mpali – balloon; hot air balloon
mpa’a – film; movie; cinema
mpe / -mpe – only; merely; just
mpeka – frog; toad
mpekue – off the beaten track [go ~]
mpelo – buzzard
mpiko – black eagle; condor; vulture
mpina – sound nice; be euphonic
mpila – ball [game]; sphere
mpoka – squid; ink fish; cuttlefish
mponi – ethnicity; folk; people
mpoho – gift; a present; an offering
mpuku – be complicated; complex; intricate
mpuni – ostrich
mputsa – cheese
mpula – lamp; lantern; light
mpuli – fluff; lint [feel nervous]


ta – you [2sg]
tapa – lid; top; cover; canopy; roof; ceiling
tapo – shoulder; upper arm
tapu – be ample; buxom; shapely
tapua – rectangle; be square-like
tapya – to follow; to accompany
tapyo – cassava [leaves]
taka – to esteem; to respect; to honor
take – scenery; scene; landscape; view
taki – coat; jacket; robe
takue – demand; to request; to coerce
tama – be good; well; proper; fine; complete
tame – be fried; pan-fry; sauté
tami – fix; mend; patch; repair
tanti – truck
tanka – eagle; falcon; hawk
tanko – group; organization; team
tana – fight; war; battle; combat
tane – enjoy; benefit; have the use of
tani – gully; ravine; valley
tano – describe; depict; portray; description
tanu – plate; dish; tray; shallow container
tanya – damage; break; ruin; destroy
tanye – carpet; mat; rug
tasa – hunt; seek; look for
tase – consulate; embassy; diplomacy
tasi – be comical; funny; amusing
taso – be firm; hard; stable and steady; level
tasu – cushion; mat; pad
tasua – expect; presume; think [sth is likely]
taha / -ha – big; large; grand [aug]
tahe – below; beneath; under
tatsa – basin; wide-mouthed jar or pot
tatse – preposition
tatsi – to stand; to set up; to establish
tatso – drift about; wander; roam
tatsu – glyph
tatli / tli- – collective plural [COL]; group; pack
tala – to return; to come [back]; to arrive
tale – pronounce; pronunciation; emit sound
tali – church; shrine; temple
talo – be patient; patience
ta’o / -tao – two; 2; pair of; both
taua – anticipate; expect; foresee
taye – about [pertaining to; on the topic of]
te – of [belonging to; = GEN]
tepa – distinguish; identify; recognize
tepe – conceal; cover; shield
tepu – scales [of fish]
tepye – beat; knead; pulse
teka – cure; heal; treat
teki – combative; enemy; hostile
teko – bottle; pitcher; vase
tekyo – dough; noodle; pasta
teme – impress; make an impression
temu – nurture; raise; foster; tend
tenta – curtain; partition; screen
tena – block; hinder; obstruct; thwart
teni – diary; journal; log
tenya – be elegant; in good taste; refined
tesue – encourage; motivate; support
teha – accomplish; achieve; finish; succeed
tetsu – dates [fruit; tree; color]; jujube
tetla – contribution; donation; offer
tetlo – bring up a situation
tela – cut up [into pieces]; shred; slice
teli – ass; donkey; mule
telo – circumstances; situation; state; condition
te’e – kick; trample; tread on
teue – reign [enthroned]
teya / -te – propose; request [PREC]; suggest
teye – clause; phrase; sentence
teyo – call on; find; look for [sb]
tipa – align; fit; be suitable
tipe – be counterfeit; fake; forge
tipua – to decline; to drop; to fall
tika – cane; rattan; vine
tiko – clove [Eugenia aromatica]
timpa – annotate; message; note
tima – bleed; blood
timu – east
tinta – act; play role of ~
tinto – extend; reach; stretch
tina – bend; fold; twist
tini – spiral; whirlpool
tinua – be firm; resolute; strong
tisi – bulk; volume
tiha / ti- – to multiply (math.); multiplication; multi-
tihe – be dense; crowded; viscous
titsua – to swagger; walk with a wide stance
tila – finger; indicate; toe
tili – stain; sully; tarnish
tilo – railway; track; train
ti’a – grammatical aspect
ti’u – fig [Ficus carica]
tiya – bread; make bread
tiye – medal prize; trophy
to / -to – manner; method; way
topa – bed; couch; mattress
tope – firearm; gun; rifle
topi – ankle bone; ankle
topo – door; entrance; gate
topu – to jump; to bounce; to hop
topue – undertow; be dragged down
toka – tone; manner of speaking; mood
toko – be devoted; fidelity; loyal; loyalty
toku – settle [a dispute]; resolve; solve
tokya – inspect; examine; look over
tokyo – be brave; bold; courage
toma – deplete; exhaust; use-up; run out
tome – preserve; to maintain
tomi – characteristic; distinctive feature; trait
tomo – offer; supply; provide; furnish
tomu – be frugal; thrifty; economical
tomua – hire; rent; charter; lease out
tonta – permafrost; tundra; layer of frozen soil
tonke – enter without permission; trespass; invade
tona – tuna
tono – emote; emotion; feel
tonua – allophone; allophony
tonye – be automatic; voluntary
tosa – waste; squander; dissipate; splurge
toso – be clumsy
tosu – fragrant; sweet smelling; aromatic
tohe – always [or routinely] cooperate or agree with
tohi – broccoli; cauliflower
toho / -ho – assert; claim; state
tohu – bean; pea
tohyo – choose; decide; select
totso – eavesdrop; monitor [secretly]
totsue – feeling after cracking one’s back
totla – be accurate; be exact; be precise
tole – deck of playing cards
tolo – entice; tempt; seduce; bait; allure
to’o – pay; compensate
toua – arbitrate; mediate
toya – awareness; conscience; thinking


ntaku / -ku – sibling
ntane – internet; network; web
ntasa – equator; circle around any sphere
ntasi – be excited; excite
ntaha – ancestor; elder
ntahi / -hi – child; offspring
ntahue / -hue – sibling’s child [nibbling]
ntahya / -hya – grandchild
ntalo – deliberate; consider
nta’i – baby; inffant
ntaua – derogatory sense; negative connotation
ntaue / -ue – cousin
ntaye – overgrown; unkempt [of hair]; matted
ntayo – call sb away from a task/work
ntela – interact; interplay; interrelated
nte’o – million; 10^6
ntimu – lemon
ntopa – to break through; to make a breakthrough
ntopi – cliché; stereotype; truism
ntoka – button; fasten; knot
ntolo – locket; medallion; pendant


kapa – be adequate; enough; suffice
kape – usurp; overstep one’s authority
kapi – ugly; repulsive; not nice
kapu – basket; box; bucket; container
kapya – to receive; to accept; to collect
kapye – card [small stiff paper]
kapyo – gull; seagull
kata – essence; nature; universe
kate – calligraphy; handwriting; penmanship
kati – be ancient; old; paleo-; classic
kato – two story building
kam – they; them [3pl]
kampa – cheers!; a toast
kampo – catch cold; [common] cold
kama – city; town; village
kame – be artless; innocent; naive
kamu – dictionary; encyclopedia; lexicon
kamue – general; senior commander; military leader
kanta – generous; magnanimous
kanka – corn; maize
kanko – print; publish; publication; periodical
kana / -kan – lead; leading; leadership; leader
kane – dispel; refute; repudiate
kani – sausage
kano – my dear; my darling
kanu – stringed instrument
kanue – canvas [sail; paitning surface]
kanyo – question; ask; raise a question
kasa – bamboo; parasol; umbrella
kase – announce; report; newspaper
kasi – infection; infect; influence
kasu – lend; loan; borrow
kaha – paper; document; letter; page
kaho – operculum; a covering flap [of skin]
kahu – furniture
kahue – mirage; shadow
kahyo – porcelain; ceramic
katsa – glass; windshield; window
katse – subjunctive; assumptive
katsi – dignity; sanctity; worth
katso – meal; meal time
katsu – modest; self-effacing; modest remarks
katsua – slip; slide; slippery; polished
katla – blemish; defect; flaw
kala / -tla – language; talk; say; speak
kale – legume
kali – slant; slope; incline
kalo – substitute for; replace; supersede
ka’e – to; towards; at [moving toward]
ka’o – seven; 7
ka’u – to sit cross-legged
kaua – coffee
kaue – chin; jaw [look at sb]
kaya – earth; planet; world
kaye – around; encircling; surrounding
kayo – lose; lost; loss; misplace
ke – object particle [O]; compare [COMP] than
keta – behave; conduct oneself
kete – polarization; polarized
keti – compose; construct by mental labor; think up
keto – migrate; migration; mobile; portable
kema – work; labor; task
kenko – humble; humility; modesty
kena – circle; be circular; spherical
kesa – keep score; tally
kese – be obscene; coarse; vulgar
keso – image; form; figure; visualization
keha – body [human]; health; anatomy
kehe – shark
keho – alarm; alert; warning signal
ketsa / -ke – doubt; suspicion [dubitative DUB]
ketsu – unruly; rude
ketsua – resolution; decision; statement of intent
ketla – red
ketle – chain; linked
kele – shackles; fetters; manacle
kelo – castrate; a castrate; neuter
ke’e – so; such; to such a degree
keua – abandon; discard; spurn; forsake
keue – permanent; constant; fixed
keya – gram [unit of mass]
keye – course; class; lesson
keyo – description; qualification; adjective
ki / -i / -ki – reflexive [REFL]; self [essence]
kipa – gums; inner mouth
kipe – to favor; favorite; darling
kipo – aspire; hope; wish
kita – north
kiti – accelerate; expedite; speed-up
kito – subsist; survive
kimu – duty; responsibility; obligation
kimyo – strange; odd; weird; unusual
kinta – be rampant; run wild; spree
kinte – invert; swapped; upside-down
kinti – squirrel
kinto – spanner; lever [on a machine]; wrench
kina – mammal
kinya – silver; coins
kinyo – intervene; get involved
kisa – tear; split; separate
kisi – deny; disclaim; disavow
kiso – base; foundation; root; radical [chemistry]
kisua – root of plant
kisue – soda water
kiha – high; tall; above average; long
kiho – as things allow; opportune moment
kihu – weather; climate; atmosphere; situation
kihua – clear; fine [weather]
kihya – root; source; origin
kihyo – business; trade; commerce
kitsa – dark; darkly; darkness
kitse – graffiti; scrawl; scribble
kitsi – texture; grain (of wood)
kitla – create; invent; make-up
kila – obvious
kili – giraffe
ki’i – screech; shriek [of tanka]
kiue – stink; odor; pungent aroma
kiya – self-awareness; be self aware
ko / -ko / -tlo – agentive [AG]; individual; person
kopa – fungi; mushroom
kope – baste [cookery]; grease; oil
kopi – bridge; crosspiece
kopo – fermentation; yeast
kopu – knock on a door; rap on something
kota – details; particulars
kote – divulge; leak out
koti – beat a ~; drum; rhythm
koto – drum beat; rhythm
kompo – seaweed
kompu – computer; programmable device
koma – conceal; hide away [lurk]
komi – allergic; allergy
komo – barn; stall; stable; manger; shed
komu – advertise; a commercial; advertisement
konte – convey; distribute; send
konto – flow [the movement of liquid]
kona – dress; skirt
kone – to awe; to intimidate
koni – skunk
kono – gray; stone; ash
kosa – cut down; mow; eliminate; scythe; sickle
kosi – be formal; be official; be ceremonial
koso – assure; guarantee
kohe – plateau; bluff; mesa
koho – to float; to drift; to be buoyant
kohu – fog; mist; vapor; steam
kohya – to castrate; fig. to emasculate; neuter
kotsa – spiteful person [male or female]…”bitch”
kotse – factory; plant; workshop
kotsi – evidence; proof; prove
kotso – earthenware; ceramic
kotsu – clavicle; collarbone
kotlo – boiler; pan; pot
koli – extremity; tag along; tail
kolo – notch; groove; indentation; hole
koua – republic
koya – apologize; remorse; sorry
koye – be deliberate; on purpose
koyo – whose; of who
kupa – die; death; [be] dead
kupe – arthropod; tick
kupi – nipple; teat [on baby’s bottle]
kupu – butterfly
kupye / -pye – excessive; too many/much
kuta – fence; wall
kute – bite; sting [of insect]
kuto – mathematics; mathematical; math
kumpu – rational number [fraction of two integers]
kuma – bear
kume / -me – cancel; repeal; undo
kumu – include; inclusion
kunta – army; military force
kuna – excrete; expel; defecate; shit
kunye – moon; lunar
kusa – repetition; iteration; a layer
kusu – push [away]; press; shove; squeeze
kuha – to cook; to prepare food
kuhi – to hold; to grasp; to clench (one’s fist)
kuhu – to object; to differ; to challenge; to protest
kutsa – spoon; ladle
kutsi – prawn; shrimp
kutsu / -tsu – flesh; meat
kutsua – invite; invitation
kutla – be lumpy; rock pile; uneven
kule – keep; tower
kuli – soul; spirit; vigor
kua / -kua – everything; every; all
kuate – double; twin [identical/fraternal]
kuampo – egotistical; arrogant; brassy
kuami – eel; water snake
kuanta – lenient; spacious; wide
kuanto – cherry [tree; wood]
kuanka – irrigate; wash with water
kuana – peach [fruit; tree; color]
kuanu – bush; woody plant
kuaha / -ua – study; science; -ology
kuaho – be short; soon [duration]
kuatse – opossum
kuatla – reptile; snake
kuali – drill; bore; dig into
kue – like; similar to
kuepa – escape; run away; flee
kueta – spring [season]
kuesi – absence; be absent
kuetsa – cigarette
kuetso – to stroll; to amble; to walk leisurely
kuetsu – precious; valuable; rare
kueli – rights; legal entitlement
kuelo – gorge; strait; ravine; isthmus
ku’u – cereal; grain
kuya – green; foliage; verdant
kuye – grab; catch; arrest; snatch; scratch
kya / -kya – imperative [IMP] / co-hortative [HORT]
kyapu – fleece; wool; woolen
kyanki – refrain; abstain; avert
kyaho – to practice; to train; to drill
kyatlo – commander; officer in charge
kyalo – gem; jewel; precious stone
kyaua – be belligerent
kye – indirect speech particle
kyepe – diagonal; sharp turn; zigzag
kyeha – to get along well; compatible
kyehu – to have a moment of leisure; to take a break
kyetsa – mustard; wasabi
kyela – wreath; garland
kye’o – hundred thousand ; 10^5
kye’u – gills of fish
kyo – hurry up! Quickly!
kyopa – match; tool to start a fire
kyopo – afraid; fear; frighten
kyota – be crazy; deranged; insane; demented
kyoma – barren place; desert
kyomi – interest; interested; be interesting
kyonko – flavoring; seasoning; spice
kyono – comforting habit or ritual
kyosa – sex; copulation; fornicate
kyoso – compete; competition; match
kyohi – to refuse; to decline; to reject
kyohu / -hu – be drastic; extreme; aggressive
kyotlo – coyote
kyoli – spacing; distance; interval; length
kyolo / -kyo – fast; rapid; quick; velocity
kyo’a – quiet; silence; soundless


nka – emphatic negative
nkapa – alcohol; ale; beer
nkapi – kiss; kiss
nkata – agree; consent; approve
nkampo – segment into equal pieces
nkanu – short [in height and from end to edge]
nkasa – measure; measurement
nkahi – molluscs; crustaceans; echinoderms
nkatso – spy; secret agent
nkali – martial art; military skill
nkalo – pronoun
nka’e – in spite of; regardless of
nke / -nke / -k – negative [NEG]; no; not
nkepa – charge [military term]; sudden attack
nkeni – visit; be guest; patronize
nkeli – cassia or cinnamon
nkina – steep incline; water chute; sluice
nkiha – to judge; to discriminate; to discern
nkihua – be lengthy; be long [duration]
nkitso – be stressed; be tense; be nervous
nkila – blink; glance; appear in a flash
nkilo – be bright; clear; resonant; distinct
nkiye – vegetables
nkopa – delusion; paranoia
nkoma – to raise; to hoist; to rise
nkoso / -nko – continue; proceed; progressive [PROG]
nkoha – to shake (a part of one’s body); to shrug (shoulders)
nkolo – are [unit of area]
nkoyo – lamb; sheep
nkumu – burden; cumbersome; difficult
nkusa – sneeze; act of sneezing


ma / -m / -lo – and; also; too; as well
mata – kill; murder
mate – be distressed; grieved; uneasy
mato – touch; contact; access
maka – music; play ~; tune
make – be idle; lazy; negligent; careless
mako – absorb; assimilate; ingest
maku – pillow; rest one’s head
mampu – duct; pipe; straw; tube
manta – logic; principle
mante – asparagus
manti – facial tissue; napkin; paper towel
manka – chill; cold; cool
mana – force; power; strength
mane – prohibit; forbid; ban
mano – chicken; fowl; poultry
manye – manage; handle; run; deal with
manyo – size; height; stature
masa – cervine; deer; elk
mase – to dance; move to music; to flicker [flame]
masi – door/window frame
masu – countryside; areas outside the city
masua – pipe [smoking utensil]
masue – be nimble; agile; lithe; graceful
maha – add; more
mahe – around; approximate; close to
matsa – nonsense; ridiculous talk; gibberish
matse – blend; mix; various; stir
matsi – perception; perceive; perceptive
matsu – victory; success; victorious; win
matsua – be flavored; smell; hint of; taste
matla – broth; casserole; soup
matle – statue; sculpture; carve
mala / -mpo – bad; be unfavorable; unpleasant
mali – fictitious; theoretical; virtual
malo – brown
ma’a – with [accompanied by / furnished with]
ma’e – before; in front
ma’o – four; 4
ma’u – spicy hot [taste]; fig. biting [criticism]
maua / -hua – flower; plant
maue – as soon as; when
maya – fluid; water; wet
maye – between; among
mayo / -nyo – apparatus; device; equipment; tool [INSTR]
meta – meter [unit of length]
mete – be ambiguous; unclear; vague
menka – cotton
mesa – example; precedent; model; for instance
meha – hit; slap; strike
mehu – vacuum
metse – cricket; grasshopper
metla – flute; sound of wind; whistle
mela – continue; endure; last
meli – kowtow; prostrate; bow
me’a – at the same time; simultaneous
meya – refined language; poetic genre
mi / -mi – few; small amount; handful
mita – canine; dog
mika – clippers; scissors; shears
miku – garlic chives; leek
minta – sample; specimen
mina – south
misa – highway; road; street
misu – copper
mitse – disappear; to vanish
mitla – arrow; dart
mitli – suit; tunic
mila – word; language component; morpheme
milo – bubble; foam; suds
miya – core; pit; stone; dig out the center
mo / -mo – location; place; where
mota – recall; bring to mind; reminisce
moto – remember; memory
moka – flour; wheat; white-faced
moko – lizard [reptile w/ legs]
moku – to rest; to sleep
monto – trunk; torso
monka – expert; adept; experienced; a professional
mona – safe; secure; safety; security
mono – blonde; fair
mosa – book; letter; scroll; record
moha – far; distant; remote
mohe – install; place; put
motsa – banana
motsi – bag; pouch; sack
motso – undulation; wave; ripple [effect]; tide
motsua – creepy; unnerving; disturbing
motsue – violate s/o or s/th
motla – trash; throw away
motlo – engine; motor; machine
mole – apricot [fruit; tree; color]
moli – forest; trees
molo – cod
mo’a – explicit explanation; specify
mo’i – soap
moue – plastic; synthetic resin; plastic cement
moya – mark; symbol; write; spell
moyo – heart; mind; centre; core
muta – back; spine; dorsal; vertebrae
muti – fad; fashion
muto – sexiness; sexy; sensual; voluptuous
muka – facing; towards sb/st
muku – knife; blade; weapon; arms
munta – change; alter; transform; rearrange; revise
muna – care; concern; important; worry
mune – breast; chest; cleavage
muni – itch; itchiness
muno – table of contents
munua – culture; civilization; cultural
munye – be a problem; be a hassle; be difficult
musa – vowel
muha – monk; nun
muhe – sadness; grief; be sad
mutsa – society
mutsi – urgent; emergency
mutla – be absolute; unconditional
mula / -mu – begin; initial; start
muli – comfortable; at ease
muapa – set apart for a particular use; appropriate
muata – manners; be polite [ness]
muaka – to dump; to pour; to empty out
muana – ocean; sea
muanya – opening made by parting; gap; hole
muasa – season
muasi – be parallel; of equal rank; simultaneous
mu’e – rhombus
muena – clams and crabs; seafood
muetlo – sweat; perspiration
muela – raspberry
muele – direction; orientation
mue’o – ten thousand; 10^4
muya / -mya – cause; do; make [CAUS]
mya – as … as
myana – variety; variation; vary
myano – alliteration
myasu – aim; alignment; target
myatsua – point out mistakes or weak points for correction
myali – symphony; orchestra
mya’a – meow; cat noise
mye / -mye – redo; resume
myeto – show fear or surprise on face
myeka – neck; throat; voice
myena – extent; surface [area]
myene – be dazed; stare blankly; distracted
myokua – software [computer]
myonta / -myo – allow; permit [PERM]


na – I; me [1sg]
napa – grape; raisin
nape – be cooperative; cooperate; collaborate
napo – turnip
napu – treaty; agreement; promise; pact
napya – wine
nata / nta – family member; relative
nati – belief; myth; religion
nato – straight [direction]
naka / -na – female; woman [fem]
nampa – blouse; shirt; vest
nampu – fountain; spring
nama – mature; grow; growth; ripen
nanka – emphasizing disgust; [interj. of contempt]
nasa – be born; give birth
nase – arachnid; spider
nasi – pear [fruit; tree; color]
nasua – climax; orgasm; upsurge
nasue – copy; duplicate; transcribe
naha – creek; river; stream
nahe – in [located inside of]; internal
naho – grammar; order; rule
natsa – draw; paint; drawing; painting
natsi – poem; poetry; verse
natsu – summer
natsua – let go; release
natla – put on airs; self-important; high and mighty
natlo – plum; prune [fruit; tree; color]
nala – illuminate; light; shine
nale – fork; pitchfork; prong
nalo – grin; laugh; smile
na’am – we (but not you) [1pl.excl]
na’o – one; 1
naua – cord; string; rope; bind together; twist
naye – during
neka – make reprisals; retaliate; revenge
neko – cat; feline
neku – winter
nekua – cupboard; pantry
nema – knee; patella
neme – take over; ~ duties; ~ responsibilities
nesa – system; organization; form
nehe – fingernail; toenail; scratch
netsa – be advantageous; have advantages
netsi – helix; screw; spiral
neli – lethargic; listless; unenergetic; sluggish
neua – advise; urge; try to persuade; exhort
neya / -ne – ought to; suggest [SUG]
nipa – stretch back while extending legs
nipi – be curious; inquisitive
nipo / -po – compel; force
nipue – be dull [not sharp]; blunt
nita – exclaim; insert; interject
nika – acerbity; be bitter; tart
niko – experiment; examination; test
niku – muscle; tendon
nikya – swallow; take in
nime – appoint; assign; designate
ninka – television; to watch ~
nisa – compare; contrast; ratio
nisi – west
niha / -ni – good; pleasant; regular / منيح
nihi – glutton; greedy; piggish
nila – blue
niua – depot; garden; yard
niya – goal; purpose; reason
niye – undergarment; underwear
niyo – be contained; content; substance
no / -n – adverbial; matter; object; thing [-ish; -ly; -ous]
nopa – pull; stretch; draw sth out
nopi – pile; stack; heap
nota – lie; be in horizontal position; horizon
noto – compassion; relent; sympathize; sympathy
noka – beak; bill; mouth
noki – vertical; erect; set upright; vertical stroke
noko – continue unchanged; remain; stay behind
nokye – agriculture
noma – thing; matter; object; noun
nomo – be fond of; like; prefer [things]
nomya – act; action; activity; take action
nosa – subject; theme; topic
noho – chickpea; garbanzo; hummus
nohya – bundle; pack; wrap
notsa – ride horseback; mount; cavalry
notli – hotel; inn; tavern
nolo – be cursed; be jinxed [slang]
noya – be content; happy; pleased
nupa – trash; garbage; waste
nuta – be tedious; convoluted; boring; pedantic
nuka – joke; banter; tease; mock
nuku – detest; dislike; hate
numu – style; standard; pattern
nusu – steal; pilfer; snatch
nutsu – unbelievable; incredible
nula – lick; lap [up]
nulo – smear; daub; apply
nua / -nua – frequent; often; regular
nuesi – flood; submerge; drown


nya – for [benefactive; BEN]; purpose of; by
nyakua – by all means; by any means
nyamu – mosquito; fly; gnat
nyanku – whale
nyana – algorithm; program [computer]; function
nyasa – gratitude; thank [you]
nyase – eyelashes
nyahe – by means of; per; via
nyahi – white; snow
nyatsa – expose; reveal; lay bare; show
nyalo – call; number; telephone
nya’e – in order that; so that
nya’o – five hundred; 500
nyaue – outside of; exterior to
nye – because of; due to
nyepa – cloud
nyete – open; start; turn on
nyema – century
nyemi – cape; headland; promontory; peninsula
nyetsi – traditional; archetype; typical; classic
nyetle – quote; to cite as evidence
nyela – arrowhead
nyeli – pink; rose
nyelo – extra; remainder; surplus
nye’o – hundred; 100
nyopa – poor; impoverished
nyota – thirst; be thirsty
nyoto – write quickly; jot
nyoki – dumpling; pot-sticker
nyoma – rice
nyome – beige; tan; khaki
nyonka – choke [on]; choke up; suffocate; strangle
nyotlo – nut; seed
nyolo – ant; insect


sapa – boot; footwear; shoe
sata – administer; govern; manage; control
sati – sadism; sadistic
sato – sense; perceive; be aware of; detect
saka – gender; sex
saku – deadlock; result in a stalemate; impasse
sama – sun; star; solar; stellar
samya – exhale; blow; puff
sanka – delta [geography]
sana – health; hygiene; welfare
sane – cover; sheath; encase; overlap
sani – wasp
sanya – second [of time]
saha – annals; history
sahe – across; opposite; other side
sahi / -si – color; hue; shade
saho – be drunk; intoxicated
sahya – right; correct; proper
satsa – weave; knit
satse – brake [when driving]
satsi – recruit; cast; enlist
satsu – scrub; rub; scour
sala / -sa – chamber; room; section
sali – native; person from a particular place
salo – press; push down; keep under [control]
sa’o – nine; 9
saua – damp[ness]; humid[ity]; moist[ness]; wet
saya – soothe; be calm; relax
saye – along; following [a line]
sayo – calendar month
sayoma – calendar; date
sepa – injury; wound; hurt; wound; injure
sepu – mill; grain mill; millstone
seta – be flat; silk; smooth
seto – olive
seka – be dry; sharp; strict
seko – scorpion
sempo – abacus; plan; scheme
sema – week [7 days]
semye – explain; comment; annotate
senta – mimic; satirize; mock; irony; sarcasm
sento – leftovers [food]; salad
senku – think poorly of someone
sena – liter [unit of volume]
senu – hair
senyo – oval; ellipse; be elliptic
setsi – sage
sela – waterfall; cascade; heavy rain
seua – care for; tend to
seya – seal; sign; stamp
seye – dowry; trousseau
sipi – acne; pimple; zit; wart
sipo – be fat; lard; grease
sita – accompany; be with; to keep company
sika – sip; smack one’s lips; suck; savor
siku – an unforeseen event; accident; misfortune
sikue – pig; pork; swine
sikyo – womb; placenta; uterus
simpa – be anxious; neurosis; anxiety
simpu – clam; mussel; oyster
sima – to sit; to take a seat
simya – spend; pay out; expense
sinta – finacial credit
sinka – lion
sino – curl [hair]; crimp; roll up
sitsa – heat; hot; warm
sitsi – support; sustain; uphold
sitla – lawn; meadow; sod; turf
sila – arteries; veins; blood vessel
sile – bell; sounding of a bell as a signal
silo – tender; puerile; soft and immature
si’i – crow; raven
siua – nerve; bundle of neurons
siue – herb; leaf
siya – act without a plan; improvise [slang]
siyo – use; employ; apply; to make use of
so / -so – kind; genus; type; category; sort; class
sopa – balcony; patio; terrace
sota – sow; scatter; spread; broadcast; disperse
soto – speed; rate; velocity
soka – introduce; introduction
soki – muddy; mud
soko – rescue; pluck from danger
soku – font; typeface; typeset
sokyo – helium
some – be dyed; be stained; be tinted
sonka – ode; eulogy; praise in writing
sono – partridge
sonu – outcome; result; conclusion; as a result
sonya – dream; imagine
sonyo – wrist
soho – crop; harvest
sohua – digest; digestion; digestive
sotsi – dish; platter; specific food
sotla – foot; heel
sole – gelatin; jelly
soli – badger; ferret
solo – socks; stockings; tights
so’o – that kind; type
soya – to omit; to delete; to leave out
soye – index; list
soyo – be abstract; abstraction
supa – prescription; recipe; formula; cookbook
supye – butter; cream; extract
suta – live; reside; dwell; inhabit; settle
suka – acid; sour; vinegar
suku / -su – market; shop; store
suma – window
sumi – repress emotional expression
sumu – puff; spout; spray; spurt
sunta – trend; tendency
sune – shin
sunu – poison; narcotics; venom
suha – mouth; taste; tongue
sutse – to register; to enroll; log in
sutsi – recommend; recommendation
sutsu – muttering; whisper; mouthing words
sula – melt; fuse; dissolve
suli – tired; weary; strain; wear out
suata – account; bill; debt
suaki – hare; rabbit
suama – sew; seam; mend
suante – lime [fruit; tree; color]
suani – be absent-minded; preoccupied; inattentive
suala – be heavy
suepa – blister; bleb [watery blister]
sueho – surf; the sound of waves
suetsa – marrow; quintessence; pith
suele – water lily [pad]; lotus
su’u – still; calm; quiet; not moving; static; stasis


ha – she; he [3sg]
hapa – retain; preserve; reserve; reservations
hapi – dove; pigeon
hapu – consonant; the initial consonant
hata – error; mistake
hate – develop; to make full use of; evolve
hati – gardens; park
hato – breed; incubate; hatch
haka – drawers; pants; trousers
hake – peel; skin; flay; shuck; shell
haki – true; real
hako – you’re welcome
haku – vomit; regurgitate; throw up
hakyo / -kyo – college; school; university
hama – protect; defend; safeguard; protection
hamo – fish-hook
hamu – ash; bit by bit
hanku – be tough and durable; tenacious
hana – emit; give off; send out [up; forth]
hane – change sides in a war; politically; turncoat
hani – extent; range; scope
hanu – edition; version
hanya – country; nation; state; national; region
hasa – personal; private; secret
hase – derive; derivative; derivation
hasi – chopsticks; eating utensils
haso – special; unique; distinguished
hasu – conjecture; guess; supposition; assumption
hasua – edge; brink; lip; margin; rim; boundary
hatsa – luck; fate; fortune; chance
hatsu – fever; temperature; pyrexia
hala – informal greeting [on phone]
halo – argue; debate; discuss; dispute; quibble
ha’o – three; 3
haua – believe; confidence; trust
haue – carrot; radish
haya / -hya – animal; beast
haye – early; quick[ly]; sudden[ly]; abrupt
heka – cliff; rock face
heki – oregano [plant/flavor]
heko – congratulate; congratulations
heme – tremble; shiver; shake; vibrate
hemya – stutter; stammer [speech impediment]
henka – bias; prejudice
hena – piece; part; fraction; strip; scrap
henyo – resist; oppose
hela – comb [fine-toothed]
he’u – munitions or ordnance factory; arsenal
heua – air; oxygen; sky
heya / -he – need; necessity; require [NEC]
hipa – infiltrate; sneak into
hita – throw; cast; expel
hika – to wait; to wait for
hikya – be ancient; old
hinti – turkey
hina – here; this place [by me]
hini – reed; rush
hisu – department; branch; section; division
hitsua – just; morally fair; righteous
hila – analyze; analysis
hilo – plaza; public square
hiyo – prolific; fertile; high yield; rich
hope – blush; flushed; redden
hopu – busy; despondent; hurried
hoka – custard; pudding
homa – inform; notice; notify
homu – platform; stage
hono – harbor; port
honu – turtle [sea]
hosa – radiation; rays of radiation
hoso – hold; keep; store
hotso – roach; cockroach
hola – cloth; towel; headscarf
holo – dig; excavate; scoop out
huta – bury; buried; interred
hute – flush [out]; purge; rinse
huku – courteously wait everyone sit before eating
humpa – differentiate; distinguish; discriminate
huma – be insubordinate; defy
huna – be confused; be mixed up
hunu – pollen
husa – goose; swan
husu – artichoke
hutsi – gruel; oatmeal; porridge
huli – moan; hum; mutter; mumble; murmur
huata – shelf; stair
huamyo – perverse; unreasonable; absurd; ridiculous
huanu – illusion, fantasy, mirage
huatso – midnight
huatla – acorn; oak
hue / -hue – at [in the same location as] [LOC]
hueta – testicle
huesa – company; firm; enterprise; corporation
huetla – peanut
hueli – startle; surprise; amaze; astonish
hue’o – billion; 10^9
hueya – be a slut; floozy; prostitute; prostitution
hueye – an outing; a night out; a soirée
huye – be deep; profound; abstruse
hyanta / hya- – grandparent
hyala – cucumber
hyali – dairy; milk
hya’o – weird; unusual
hyepo – set; tune; calibrate; fix; adjust; modulate
hyeka – sand; beach; finely ground rock
hyeku – kidney
hyesu – esophagus
hyesua – beetle
hyele – attract; entice; titillate
hyota / -hyo – juice
hyoto – benefit; effectiveness; efficiency
hyoka – attack; hit; strike
hyoko – bulb; bulbous; bloated
hyome – surface; top-side
hyotso – elasticity; elastic force; spring


tsapa – effort; trouble; endeavor; struggle
tsata – council; committee; parliament
tsati – hornet
tsato – chaotic; messy; in disorder
tsaka – house; residence; reside
tsaki – chewing gum
tsaku – idea; thought; conception
tsama – pretend; feign; play a role
tsame – accumulate; collect; gather
tsami – pluck; pull off; pull out; unplug; extract
tsamo – reef; coral reef; shoal rock
tsanto – practice of meditation
tsanka – tire; bored with; be fed up of; tired
tsanko – ape; monkey; primate
tsana – meditation; meditate
tsani – story; tale; tell ~
tsanye – starter button; on switch
tsasu – cursive writing
tsaha – automobile; carriage; vehicle
tsahe – for [in exchange for]
tsatla – pop knuckles; crack bones
tsatle – crane; egret; heron
tsatli – pineapple
tsala – dip; paste; sauce
tsale – splinter; shard; slice; sliver
tsali – crime; offense; fault
tsalo – clear; transparent
tsa’a – beaver
tsa’e – across; through
tsa’i [tsai] – tea [leaves; plant]
tsa’o – six; 6
tsaua – complexion; looks; appearance of one’s face
tsaue – so long as; provided that
tsaya / -tsa – damn [general invective]
tsaye – since; until; up to; as far as
tsepa – please
tseka – pull; draw near; tug; tow; yank
tseko – wood charcoal; coal; carbon
tsekua – condense; solidify; coagulate; clot (of blood)
tseme – drawer; tier; tray
tsemu – jam; marmalade
tsemua – candle; illuminate; wax
tsenta – overdo it; overcook; exaggerate
tsenka – orange [fruit; tree; color]
tsenku – commonly used phrase; idiom; colloquial usage
tsena – funeral; encoffin a corpse; carry to burial
tsene – lightning; thunderbolt
tseno – thigh; crotch
tsesa – apron
tsehue – pick teeth; toothpick
tse’e / -tse – appear; seem
tseua – longevity; ability to live long; long lived
tseye – be exhilarated; be stimulated; be invigorated
tseyo – loose; to loosen; to relax
tsipa – ephemeral; not constant; temporary
tsipe – basic; fundamental; main; elementary
tsipue / -tsue – late; delayed; slow
tsiti – sparrow
tsika – economy; economic
tsiki – porcelain; china [made from ~]
tsiko – furnace; oven; stove
tsikua – avian; bird
tsikue – habit; custom; usual practice; tradition
tsikya – chirp or peep (onomatopoeia); birdsong
tsimpa – to be lame; move with difficulty
tsima – hour; o’clock; time
tsimua – be vicious; fierce; ominous; inauspicious
tsinti – stingray
tsinka – be at a negative angle
tsinku – mathematical analysis; calculus
tsina – tame; domesticate; docile
tsine – key; button [to strike]
tsini – sugar; sugarcane
tsinu – entice; arouse; provoke; erogenous
tsise – unfamiliar at first ; an acquired taste
tsisi – to embroider; embroidery
tsisu – coefficient; factor; modulus; ratio
tsihi – mercy; to empathize
tsihyo – discharge of the eyes; rheum
tsitla – adorn; festoon; garland; decorate
tsitli – farm; ranch
tsila – lip; outer mouth
tsili – tailor; to make clothes
tsilo – be naked; bare; uncovered; exposed
tsi’a – paprika; pepper
tsi’e – famine; shortage of food; starve
tsi’u – transitive; transitivity
tsiua – lake; pond; pool
tsiue – elbow
tsiya – freedom; liberty; independent
tsiyo – corridor; aisle; hallway; passageway; piazza
tsopa – pair; a mate; a couple; couple
tsopo – prefer; preference
tsopua – ulna (anatomy); bone of the forearm
tsota – breed; reproduce; propagate
tsoto – surrender; capitulate; give up
tsoka – bump; collide with; strike
tsoko – cacao; chocolate
tsoku – be direct; immediate; straightforward
tsompa – to worship; adoration
tsoma – tobacco [plant; leaves]; smoke
tsomye – smug; vain; shameless
tsonta – teenager
tsonka – public; common; open; fair
tsonyo – alert; warn; police
tsosa – chimney; fireplace
tsosi – silk
tsoho – data; information; resource
tsola – fox
tsoya / -tso – center; middle; mid-; half
tsoye – to sit with feet hanging
tsoyo – one of a pair [missing ~]
tsupa – saliva; spit
tsupu – mead [honey wine]
tsuta – backward; reverse
tsute – slip and fall; stagger; stumble
tsuka – pride; hubris; arrogance
tsuke – salt; pickle; to cure [meat]; marinade
tsuki / ki- – next; order; sequence [ordinal]
tsuku – rumpled feathers; bedraggled; wet and limp
tsukua – tassel; ribbon; bow
tsumpa – buy; purchase
tsuma – metal
tsume – mellow and rich; simple and kind; relaxed
tsumi – guilt; sin; offense
tsumu – be careful; cautious
tsunti – attend; take part in; participate
tsunka – bug; insect; worm
tsunki – filter; strain; perforated screen
tsunku – can; jar; pot; urn
tsuna – join; connect; link up; communicate
tsusu – focus; concentrate; be attentive
tsuhi – leopard / jaguar
tsuhu – candy; dessert; sweets
tsula – celebration; party; social gathering
tsule – wire; string
tsuli – currant; gooseberry
tsua / -tsua – almost; nearly; more or less
tsuama – sandwich; wrap
tsuasi – stock; share; capital raised by a company
tsuala – prosper; be prosperous
tsuali – thunder
tsue – position; stance
tsuene – baboon
tsu’u – cork; plug
tsuya – be main; principal; major; primary
tsuye – take note of; pay attention to
tsuyo – armadillo


tla – it [4sg]
tlapa – horn; wind instrument
tlapo – siphon; seep
tlati – clear-headed; sober
tlato – recite rhythmically; chant; intone
tlaka / -ta – male; man [masc]
tlaku – enmesh; wrap around; web; net
tlakua – cricket; slug; snail
tlampi – distill; distillation
tlama – anytime; sometime; whenever
tlanka – level; grade; rank
tlanke – oval; ellipse; ellipsoidal
tlana – human; person
tlani – curse; damn; epithet
tlanyo – abuse; berate; mistreat
tlasa – honey; nectar
tlasi – cough [up]
tlaso – skin deep; superficial; shallow
tlaha – to leave; to depart
tlahe – confluence; convergence
tlahi – convenient; be easy; facilitate
tlatsa – fire; flame; burn
tlatso – be final; be last
tla’a – likely; probable; presumable
tlaya / -ya – marry; in-law; wed
tlaye – according to; based on
tlepa – teach; instruct; educate
tleka – be mean; be petty; be cruel
tleke – fan
tleki – boast; brag; exaggerative; pompous
tlempe – lymphatic fluid; lymph
tlema – banner; flag; ensign
tleme – disc; sheet; CD
tlemo – caravan; trailer
tlena – gradual; sluggish
tleno – log; piece of wood; timber
tlenyo – millennium
tlehe – esteemed; honest; candid; sincere
tletsa – column; cylinder; file
tletso – prism; prismatic lens
tletsu – lettuce
tlela – bathe; clean; purify; wash
tlelo – toy; plaything
tle’o – thousand; 1000
tlipa – ascot; cravat; necktie
tlipi – tie; bind or fasten together; kidnap
tlipu – suspended by hanging; hung
tlipua – glide; soar
tlika – clan; family; kin
tliki – sulfur; brimstone [color and element]
tlima – plough; plow; turn the soil; till
tlinka – herring
tlinku – clink of jewels; tinkling of gem-pendants
tlina – to stop; to halt; to cease
tline – aluminum (chemistry)
tlise – axis; axle
tlisua – bribe; bribery
tlihya – beard; moustache
tlitsi – reasoning; capacity of the human mind
tlila – purple
tliya – effect; efficacy; result
tlopa – forget; neglect; overlook
tlota – be in a correct attitude
tlok – no one; nobody
tloka – lie; tell an untruth
tloke – rye [Secale cereale]
tloko – syllable
tloku – arch; arched
tlokua – everybody; everyone
tlompa – bomb; explosive
tloma – feather; plumage; plume
tlome – Romanize; Romanization
tlomi – fascinate; strongly attract; obsess; captivate
tlomya – crawl; creep; lie prostrate
tlona – feed; fuel; nourish
tlonya – citron; grapefruit [fruit; tree]
tlonye – accommodate; flexible; pragmatic
tlosa – almond [fruit; tree; color]
tloso – annoy; bother; disturb; harass; irritate
tloha – grass; straw; weeds
tlohi – salmon; trout
tlotsi – chives; onion; scallions
tlotso – loot; plunder; rob
tlotsua – corrode; erode; rust
tlola – intersperse; place between; wedge
tlo’e – tide of thought; Zeitgeist
tlo’o – elephant
tloua – dew
tloya – discover; uncover; find


ua – or; either
uapa – visit; call on; seek
uapo – basin; sink
uapya – insult; ridicule; disgrace
uata – intestine; bowel; guts
uati – verb
uaka – ox; cow; bull
uaki – boil; stew; simmer
uakya – babble, speak incoherently; inane talk
uampa – government; political; politics
uampu – cone; awl; to bore
uame – certain; fixed; sure
uanta – confer; consult; hold a conference
uanka – uncooked; untreated; raw
uanki – confine; imprison; jail
uanku – spectacles; eyeglasses; -ocular; -scope
uana – there [by you]
uani – alligator; crocodile
uanyo – bay; gulf [body of water]
uasa – skill; profession; trade; craft
uase – harmonize; harmonious; harmony
uasi – acquire; obtain; get; take
uaso – drinking glass [cup]; jug; pot; vessel
uahe – instead of; rather than
uahi – be arbitrary; at will; at random
uaho – feel absence; miss
uatsa – welcome; welcome
uatse – to correlate with; to correspond to
uatsi – fish
uatsu – constitution; law; statute
uatla / ua- – that (by you) [med]
uatli – inferior; of lower quality
uala – really; truly; indeed; real; be true
uale – source material, raw material
uali – chart; diagram; graph; scheme
ualo – to bring; to fetch; to get
ua’a – spinach
ua’e – above; over / on
uaya – ascend; rise; climb; go up; ascent
uaye – from [moving out of or away from]
ue – either X or Y
uete – amuse; entertain; make sb laugh
ueti – accuse; charge; indict
ueka – weigh; weight; measure
ueke – lentil
ueko – barter; bargain
uemi – barracks; castle; fortress
uemye – be aloof; standoffish; unsociable
uenta / ue- – parent’s sibling
uento – be prey; victim
uenke [uek] – neither X nor Y
uenku – spleen
uene – ship; boat; vessel; canoe
ueni – blame; criticize; condemn
ueno – ink; typeface
uenya – strain after something; make efforts
uenyo – decade; era; period
uese – louse
ueso – bone
ueha / -ue – desire; want; wish [VOL]
uehyo – be available
uetsa – balance up; offset; counterbalance
uetse – toilet; outhouse; WC
uetsi – dispirited downcast [idiom]; in low spirits
uetla – an upright drum
uetli – exponent [math.]; power
uela – sail [boat]
uele – abbreviate; contraction
uelo – bicycle; bike
ue’o – ten; 10
ueyo / -ue – intend; intent; intention [VOL]


ya – vocative particle [VOC]
yapa – an extra or unexpected gift or benefit
yapo – build; erect; assemble
yapu – be ashamed; disgrace; embarrassment
yata – farewell; greet; hello
yato – hand; palm
yaka – appendage; leg; limb
yake – pursue; chase
yako – berry; strawberry
yaku – to translate; to interpret
yampa – be bored; fed up with sth; sick of sth
yampo – mortar (bowl for grinding with pestle)
yama – mountain; hill
yamu – trapezium (geometry)
yanka – positive; greater than zero; principle
yanku – beg; implore; plead
yana – yellow
yani – definition; meaning; symbolism
yano – avoid; shun; evade
yanu – be depressed; dispirited; dejected; dismayed
yasa – air; wind; [news, style]
yasi – cosmetics; makeup
yaso / -sue – prepare; get/be ready
yasu – bison; buffalo
yasue – cheap; inexpensive; low
yaha – be scarce; barren
yahe – of [containing the measured quantity]
yatsa – bridle; halter; reins
yatsi – bite; chew; tooth
yatso – ferment; brew; make honey; liquor
yatsua – sigh in regret or pity
yatli – therefore; if X then Y
yala / -la – to walk; to go; to travel
yale – door lock; key
yali – excuse; forgive; pardon
yalo – covet; envious; jealous
ya’a – medicine; drug; cure
ya’e – near; close to
ya’o – five; 5
yaua – reply; answer; return; respond; echo
yeta – give; transfer; donate
yete – extraneous; redundant; superfluous
yeto – authority; authoritative; power
yeka – to divide; to separate; partition
yeku – circulate; distribute; circulation; distribution
yekua – cabinet; closet; wardrobe
yempa – table; desk; flat work surface
yema – both X and Y
yemua – there [over there]
yente – aghast; consternation; horror
yento – retire (from society, esp. from working)
yena – coin; currency; money
yeno – complete; fill; full
yesa – still; calm; not moving; peace; tranquil
yesu – art; fine arts; painting; literature
yetsa – cry; tear; weep
yetsi – chair; seat; stool
yetso – boar [wild]
yetsu – fact; actual; real
yetla / ye- – that (over there) [dist]
yetli – if it were not; if not X then Y >> X yatli Y
yetlo – malnourished and sickly in appearance
yela – fart; talk nonsense; rubbish! [euphemism]
yele – pedestal; plinth; saddle
yeli – summarize; generalize; generalization
yelo – freeze; hail; ice
ye’o – zero; 0
yeua – taste; try; sample
yopi – mail; post
yota – deduce; infer; derive; extrapolate
yote – aid; assist; help
yoti – game; play; sport
yoto – in this way; so; thus
yoka – deck; floor; story
yoko – to swim; to wade
yompe – specter; apparition
yoma – day; daytime
yome – be famous; fame
yomi – bow; weapon used for shooting arrows
yomo – right side
yomu – read; study; count; recite
yomua – dawn; daybreak; morning [a.m.]
yonto – be fanatical
yonka – lava; magma
yoni – ethic; moral; virtue
yono – drama; play; theater
yoso – left side
yoha / -yo – have; possess [POSS]; genitive [GEN]
yoho – eyelid; flitter; blink
yohua – night; nighttime
yotsa – cheek; face
yotso – midday; noon
yotsu – grub; larva
yotla – immerse; soak; steep; gradual
yotli – gourd; melon; squash
yola – rely on; depend on
yole – zip; zipper
yolo – armor; shell
yo’i – rib; ribcage
youa – be weak; feeble


a – exist; be; yes
apa – close; stop up; shut; obstruct
apo – grasp firmly; make the most of
apu – be subsidiary; auxiliary
apua – sing; song
apya – be clean; neat; pure; not dirty
apyo – celery
ata / -tai – be named; name [so called]
ate – liver [organ]
ati – be normal; ordinary; plain
ato – that way [over there]
aka – to drive; to move slightly; to shift
akai / -kai – deep red
aki – autumn; fall
akya – wake up; awaken; be awake
ampa – as soon as possible; with all speed
ampi – mucus; snot
ampu – nose; smell
ama / -ma – time; moment; period
ame – axe; hatchet
ami – amylum; starch
amo – transport; carry
amya – be fond of; like; prefer [people]
amye – be alone; lonely
anta – breathe; suck in; absorb; inhale
anti – suspenders; garters; strap; sling
anto – oath; pledge; swear
anka – pelvis; hip joint
anko – cipher; encode
anku / -nku – reciprocate; [in] return; reciprocal [RECP]
ana – brain; head; mind
ano – one more time; once again; repeat; iteration
anu – ear; hear; listen
anua – ask for quiet; request silence
anya – eye; look; see
anyo – year [365/366 days]
asa – live; alive; living
asi – salt
aso – broil; grill; roast
asua – hide; pelt; skin; fur; leather
ahe – dolphin; porpoise
ahi / -hi – diminutive [DIM]; few; small
aho – chives; garlic; leak
ahua – avocado [fruit; tree; color]
ahya – potato; yam
atsa – disc; rotate; wheel
atsi / tsi- – angle; bend; corner
atsu – thick; chunky; solid; stocky
atla – mean; average
atle – salary; wage
atli / -tli – future; future tense [FUT]
atlo – fairness; justice; righteousness
ala – wing
ale – barley; oats; wheat
alo – be cunning; be sly
a’i – worm
aoya – deep blue
aya – be beautiful; be handsome; be pretty
aye / -ye – past; past tense [PST]
e – er; um; uh
epye – scrape; scratch; play something (using a bow)
ete – pen; pencil; writing brush
eti – case; instance; occurrence
eto – be shy; timid; bashful
eka – affix: adhere; paste
eke / e- – object [in grammar]; patient [P]
empa – to run; to flee
empi – chalk; limestone; lye
eme – verb tense
emya – happen; occur; take place
emyo – to walk in an awkward, drunken fashion
enka – narrow; tight; thin
enke – be simple; not complicated; easy
enku – confidential; secret; hush-hush
eno – be angry at; be displeased and annoyed
enu – forecast; predict; estimate
enua – get over sth; to cheer up
enue – stubborn; obstinate
enya – mirror; reflect; reflection
ehe [me] – but; yet; however
ehua – worsen; impair; make worse
ehya – be complete; intact; whole
etsa – extent; degree [temperature etc]
etle – postpone; defer; stall; stave off
ela / -la – become; change into; turn into
ele / -tle / -le – relative clause marker
elila – pink; rose
elo – resign; quit
eua – fin [of a fish]
eya – maybe; perhaps
ipa – be different; distinct; not same/alike
ipu – dried meat; preserved fruit
ipye – horn of animal
ito – tree; wood
ika – age; generation
ikua – wolf down food; devour ravenously
ima – now; present; yet
imya – dialect; slang; vernacular
inta – even; so much so that
inti – self-restraint; discipline
inka – to be still; calm; quiet; not moving
inko – macaw; parrot; puffin
ina / -nai – eat; food; sustenance
inu – beverage; drink; liquid
inya – be hungry; hunger
isu – peel; rind
itsa – adore; affection; love
itsu – to squeak; to chirp or peep
itla / i- – this (near me) [prox]
itlo – equal; even; same
ila – to sail; to fly; to navigate
ile – hollow at the back of the knee
ilo – cave; cavern
iua – knead; massage; rub
iye – if [but not] *irrealis
o / o- – venerated [honorific]
opa – be dangerous; danger; peril; endanger
opi – belt; sash; strap
opua / -pua – end; finish; complete [PFV]
opye – hug; embrace
ota / tata – father
oto – sound; [make] noise; tone; phone[me]
ok – none; nothing
oka – bake; cook
oko – honorific reference; “yes sir/ma’am”
oku – owl
oma – roar or howl; bellow of rage; yell; shout
omo – consider; ponder; think
omya – cut; carve; engrave; chisel
omyo – way of looking at a thing; view; opinion
onta / o- – parent
onto – tread on; trample; stamp
onko – aloud; be loud
ona / nana – mother
ono – delight
onyo – learn; practice; study
osa – know-how; savoir-faire
oso – genitalia; groin
oha – gape; yawn; open one’s mouth
ohi – to decrease; to reduce; to subtract
ohua – luxurious; extravagant; wasteful
ohya – drive; pilot; operate [a vehicle]
ohyo – evaluate; assess; examine
otsi – comply with; to abide by; obey
otso – wolf; lupine
otlo – falsely accuse; defame
ola – gold
ole – crust; husk; shell
oli / -li – apiece; each; every
olo – patrol; make one’s rounds
oya – black
oyo – bead; small round object; pearl
u / -u – double for redundant syllable
upya / -pya – attempt; try [ATT]
uta – deliver; hand in; hand over; submit
ute – arm; armpit; forearm
uko – be sumptuous; a luxury
uku – amount; digit; number
ukue – as many as; as much as
umpa – hinge; pivot
umpu / -mpu – form; shape; dimension
uma – equine; horse
umo – unify; unite; integrate; unity; combine; join
umua – ache; pain; sorrow; be sore
umye – electric[al/ity]
unta – camel
unu – be callous; stone-faced; emotionless
unua – address; direction for correspondence
unya – comprehend; know; understand
usa – stripe; streak; striation
usu – even number
uha – anus; buttock
utsa – serve; service
utse – exclude; ignore; leave out
utsi – parsley
utsu – outer space; empty; vacant; unoccupied
utla – otter
ula / -la – any; indefinite; some~
uli – filling material; stuffing; lining; filling

Updated 06DEC15


4 thoughts on “Kala Dictionary

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  2. A couple years ago, I found out about Kala on FrathWiki, and I was pretty interested in it for a while; you’ve made a really good language with a beautiful writing system and full lexicon, something which I have yet to even begin. However, I came back to FrathWiki the other day, and much of what you had had been removed. I’m pleased to have found this, but why are the full lexicon and details no longer on FrathWiki?


    • Frathwiki was one of several wikis that I was using at the time and it became a bit overwhelming, so I decided to start this blog to have one place to keep and update all Kala information. It also affords me the opportunity for other creative expressions as you may have seen.

      Thanks for being a fan.


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