Kala Phrases


yatagreet/farewellHello. / Goodbye.
iyomaniPROX-day-niceGood day/morning.
ipuamaniPROX-evening-niceGood night/evening.
(the proximal prefix i- can be dropped from these)
to tayo kamanner 2SG.POSS QHow are you?
niha, nyasafine thankFine, thank you.
ke ata tayo kaO name 2SG.POSS QWhat is your name?
____ ke ata nayo____ O name 1SG.POSS____ is my name.
ya pesoniVOC meet-niceNice to meet you.
nyasathankThank you.
nyasampathank-muchThank you very much.
hakowelcomeYou’re welcome.
munyekbe.problem-NEGNo problem. (less formal)
yalipardonExcuse me.
(This is used when getting attention, begging pardon, or coming through in a crowd. It is made more polite by the addition of the precative ending -te.)
na koya1SG apologizeI’m sorry
tamabe.goodIt’s okay. (polite response to “I’m sorry”)


na unyak1SG understand-NEGI don’t understand.
na ke kala unyak1SG NOM language know-NEGI don’t know Kala.
ta ke enkala unya ka2SG O English know QDo you know English?
hina kola ke enkala unya kahere someone O English know QDoes someone here know English?
ke ____ yani kaO ____ meaning QWhat does ____ mean?
to ____ kala kamethod ____ say QHow do you say?


itla mutsi!this emergencyIt’s an emergency!
na yotehe1SG help-NECI need help.
na ke yote tayo heya1SG O help 2SG.POSS needI need your help.
ya nusuko, hika!VOC steal-AG stopStop! Thief!
na tekatlo heya1SG heal-AG needI need a doctor.


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