fodder for pharaohs

we’re sniffing fried rainbows and snacking on tadpoles while contemplating underground balloons
can we stop for a moment?
there might be worthy topics that haven’t been flatulent yet
the dogs have waited too long for their chance at being aquanauts
growing weary and teary at the notion of being tried and cried

we loved the tea
just one more plea
please don’t call us again
where do we begin?

New Kala word

hema – /ɦɛːma/ – tent; net; tarp; pavilion

Taken from: hema

Kala Phrase

타나 나허 므자 아여뮤러 거 아여 마 지규 즈스
tlana nahe mutsa ayemuele ke aye ma tsikue tsusu
person within society past-orient O past and tradition focus
/t͡ɬaːna naːɦe muːt͡ʃa ajɛmʷeːle kɛ aje maː t͡ʃɪːkʷe t͡suːʃu/
In a past-oriented society, people dwell on the past and on tradition.

New Kala word

muhi – /muːɦi/ – environment; surrounding area; ecology

Taken from: محيط

Three dimensional shapes

mpila – sphere; ball; globe
pyota – cube; block; square
pyotan – cuboid; “cube-like”
tletsa – cylinder; column; file
uampu – cone; conical
tsiuampu – square-based pyramid (translates to “angled cone”)
tsiuampuhao – triangular-based pyramid (translates to “three-angled cone”)
tletso – prism

All prisms can be called tletso and then specified by the shape of the base and number of angles.

하 거 뵤다 나허 터자 모허뱌여
ha ke pyota nahe tletsa mohepyaye
/ha kɛ pʲoːta naˌɦe t͡ɬɛːt͡ʃa moɦɛpʲaːje/
3SG O cube inside cylinder place-ATT-PST
She tried to put a cube into a cylinder. ~ She tried to put a square peg into a round hole.

Kala Phrase

타존 거 븐다고 요멈보 반가 마 운기여
tlatson ke puntako yomempo panka ma uankiye
final-ADV O rebel-AG fame-bad capture and imprison-PST
/t͡ɬaːt͡son kɛ puⁿtaːko jomɛːᵐpo paːᵑka maː waᵑkiːje/
The notorious rebel was ultimately captured and confined to jail.

David Jablow

Mister Jablow’s art is the best type of provocative. It forces one to reconsider preconceived notions, mostly about morality and cultural norms.

My favorite example of his work is:

Innocuous enough, until he takes it in a wondrously detailed direction:

Whether his work is a commentary on society, or simply a jab at things commonly thought of as banal, it serves the viewer a helping of introspection, and in doing so pointedly wets one’s appetite for more.