Tloko glyph

maya – /maːja/ – water; liquid

reminiscent of a long neck jug for carrying water

The glyph on the left is the ‘epigraphic’ version, the middle is the ‘text’, and the right is the ‘handwritten’. The green “te” is the syllable from which the glyph was derived.


New Kala word

katlo – /kaːt͡ɬo/ – take risk; hazard; venture

Taken from: خطر

Kala Idiom

나 거 모지 다오 비다 요하
na ke motsi ta’o pita yoha
/na kɛ moːt͡ʃi taːʔo piːta joːha/
1s O sack two empty have
I’ve got two empty sacks. = To not own a thing in the world. / To not have a thing to one’s name.

Over the next few months I plan on exploring idioms on this page and how to express them (or, how I would) in Kala.

Ch. 13, Path of the Warrior

tanako simohue topu
ya ka’e simo topu | ya kua katlo ma ki hita

/tanaːko ʃɪmoːɦʷe toːpu
ja kaːʔe ʃɪːmo toːpu | ja kʷa kaːt͡ɬo ma ki ɦiːta/

fight-AG abyss-LOC jump
VOC toward abyss jump | VOC all risk and self throw

The warrior jumps into the abyss.
Jump into the abyss. Risk everything and throw yourself in.

From Path of the Warrior, by Lucas E. Schultz

New Kala word

nepa – /nɛːpa/ – tunnel; underground passage

Taken from: نفق

Kala Phrase

kuaho muasapana
/kʷaːho mʷaʃapaːna/
soon season-rain
It’ll soon be the rainy season.


Insect Flower Arrangements by Raku Inoue

The simplicity and beauty of the natural world should never be ignored, and should in fact, be thrust upon us occasionally, lest we forget that we are a part of it.