purples and blues

we pay our dues

blacks and grays

all the long days

grays and whites

all the long nights



New posts will begin tomorrow.

May your candy be fresh, and your costume intact.


I will be taking a break from posting for a few weeks. I will return. Peace to all.

Kala Phrase

kase nya hata yestun kamyo sahyamyaye
newspaper for mistake fact-ADV 3pl.GEN correct-CAUS-PST
The newspaper issued a small correction for their factual mistake.

Kala Phrase

ke mo namyo ma’a kataha ka
O place 1pl.GEN with universe-AUG Q
Where do we fit in the grand cosmic scheme?

Kala Phrase

inekohi oya
PROX-cat-DIM black
This little cat is black.

Kala Phrase

kala nya onyo nkumuk
Kala for study difficult-NEG
Kala is not difficult to study.