Kala Phrase

가뮤 거 마타흐 냐 운기토구 나우여
kamue ke matahu nya uankitlokua naueye
/kaːmʷɛ kɛ mataːhu ɲa waᵑkit͡ɬoːkʷa nawɛːje/
general O kill-EXTR for prison-AG-INCL command-PST
The general ordered the massacre of all war prisoners.

oh my

she knows why
wind floats by

birds go fly
questions do pry

clouds so high
end now nigh

boys don’t cry

New Kala word

tsite – /t͡ʃiːte/ – deserve; be worthy of; merit

Taken from: 值得

Kala Phrase

어하 더 가봄 히갸 하요 바그부
eha te kapom hikya hayo pakupua
/ɛːɦa te kaːpom ɦiːkʲa haːjo pakuːpʷa/
P.3s from relationship-PL old 3s.GEN cudgel-PFV
She was battered about from her previous relationships.

New Kala word

neha – /nɛːɦa/ – butcher; slaughter; massacre

Taken from: nex and náʼáʼah

Kala Phrase

나 거 서그 더 머사고 나요 다뱌유
na ke seku te mesako nayo tapyaue
/na kɛ ʃeːku te mesaːko naːjo tapʲaːwɛ/
1s O policy GEN precede-AG 1s.GEN follow-VOL
I intend to follow my predecessor’s policy.

The syllable sequence “k-n-“

kana – lead; leading; leadership; leader
kane – dispel; refute; repudiate
kani – sausage
kano – my dear; my darling
kanu – stringed instrument
kanue – canvas [sail; paitning surface]
kanyo – question; ask; raise a question
kena – circle; be circular; spherical
kenua – denim; jeans
kina – mammal
kinua – metalworking or casting of some kind
kinya – silver; coins
kinyo – intervene; get involved
kona – dress; skirt
kone – awe; intimidate
koni – skunk
kono – gray; stone; ash
kuna – excrete; expel; defecate; shit
kuni – lucid dream
kunye – moon; lunar; satellite
kuana – peach [fruit; tree; color]
kuanu – bush; woody plant
kyono – comforting habit or ritual

The number of minimal pairs in Kala is high, due to the strict syllable structure and typical lemma being made-up of a CVCV root. I’ve tried to relate a few of these and others I have endeavored to keep from seeming related at all. This makes for some nice tongue twisters and some difficult semantics, but it is a feature that I enjoy.