Amal family terms

In the spirit of #Lextreme2018, I’ve been working on Amal. I just added some terms for family. I’m still working on some other terms for extended relatives.

I am also closer to completion of a writing system for Amal. It is based on Semitic abjads, but functions more like an alphabet.



I have reached a point.

Not a point of no return, but rather one of contemplation. I have realized that my efforts with Kala are sporadic and ill-organized. I will be greatly reducing my posts on this blog. In fact, it may be a long while between any posts henceforth. I am somewhat unsure that Kala is becoming (or has become) what I’d intended when I started. In fact, conlanging has, for me, lost much of its wonder and joy and has instead begun to feel somewhat like a chore.

I thank anyone that reads this for your companionship on this journey.

That being said, I do intend to post, albeit much less frequently.

New Kala word

tsisa – /t͡ʃiːsa/ – to inflate; to pump up; pump

Taken from: sìsāljka

Cheated Hearts

“Sometimes I think that I’m bigger than the sound.”


don’t be tied
to foolish pride

the ego must hide
in the nide

look inside
where she sighed

never break stride
ignore the snide

Kala Phrase

하 거 서느 하요 바토허
ha ke senu hayo patlohe
3s O hair 3s.GEN brush-NEC
She needs to brush her hair.

Amal Phrase

האדאך כאניעשוך אשרשבויאשוא
ܗܐܕܐܟ ܟܘܢܝܥܫܘܟ ܐܫܪܫܒܘܝܐܫܘܐ

hadak kanyeshuk ashreshbuyashwa
accident-COM burn-PST-1pl roast-PPP-flesh-ACC
We accidentally burned the steak.

I’ve been experimenting with using the Hebrew alphabet for Amal. However, I think I like the simplicity of the Syriac. Let me know your thoughts.