Tloko brushstroke order

The basic principles for writing Omyatloko are simple, namely that writing characters should be economical, with the fewest hand movements to write the most strokes possible. This promotes writing speed, accuracy, and readability. This idea is particularly important since as learners progress, characters often get more complex. Since stroke order also aids learning and memorization.

General Guidelines:

Write from top to bottom, and left to right.
Horizontal before vertical.
Outside before center (unless otherwise indicated).
Enclosures before exteriors.
Dots and minor strokes last.

A few examples:

Because each glyph uses all nine points in a 3×3 grid, each point is named to define and explain stroke order

In these examples you can see that each point is not pronounced or listed as it may not be a juncture or stopping point for the brush. However, each point is covered by the brushstroke. A colon “:” marks a raise of the pen/brush.