So, my phone died today.

It wasn’t anything special, no glorious bells or whistles, but it did have quite a bit of info on it; info that I use when I’m developing ideas for my conlangs, ideas for poetry, ideas that I often end up posting here.

I can’t say that I’m too shattered by this as I have notebooks galore, google backup and most of my real work saved in various email accounts. What really disturbed me, for about ten minutes, was the idea that I was completely without a means to reach the outside world. You see, my phone died as the power went out, and because my home phone, internet, and cable are of course all tied to this power source, I was indeed very much shutoff from the outside world.

This only lasted ten minutes because I took myself to a very vulnerable place, a place that I haven’t been to often in my life, but one that is still very real and very much ingrained in my psyche. I was homeless for a short time in my youth and without any means to communicate with anyone other than face-to-face interaction.

This simple reminder of what it truly means to be alone was actually comforting after my momentary lapse in perspective. In light of that, I propose anyone that reads this, set aside twenty minutes a day, and just unplug. No, I don’t mean set your phone down, or just turn the computer off, I mean completely unplug…turn the power off, be utterly alone with your thoughts and feelings (of course, going for a walk without any devices meets this goal very easily).

You are not a bad person if you do not accept this challenge, but I honestly think that if you were to do this, you would learn to appreciate the quiet, the calm, the solace of being with yourself, and realize that the things you look to are no more powerful or resonant than what you already possess within.