Kala Phrase

하 거 미사휴 얀그토라부
ha ke misahue yankutlolapua
/ha kɛ miʃaːhʷe jaᵑkut͡ɬolaːpʷa/
3s O road-LOC beg-AG-MUT-PFV
He ended up begging on the streets.

NOTE: MUT = mutative; a change in state, “become”


2 thoughts on “Kala Phrase

  1. Nice affix! If I may ask an unimportant terminology question: is “murative” different from “inchoative”?
    Also, I see where you got your root for “beg” ;)


    • Mutative is not the same as inchoative. The former can be thought of as imperfect while the latter is closer to perfective. I hope I’m making some sense.


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