Sannena’iši script

I don’t post about the new scripts on Omniglot any more, for several reasons, but mostly it’s because they are often not really that well done, honestly. This script, is not on Omniglot, and I found it by chance, on Tumblr. None-the-less, I’m bewildered, flabbergasted, nay, in love with it. It can be seen here, or here.


Sample 1

Ren iyipuyeš uúštegar utiuneniš o’ihanaš xiš pëtšgesiš na’ye šapayiš.
A pessimistic man carries an umbrella but an optimist knows that it can be stolen if he needs one.

Sample 2

Yaš a’puš meé. Ama enaš ye. Max ye o’aputisiren.
There is no good and evil. Everything is between. There is nothing but what a man can bear.