Kala Phrase

Castro, dead

kanto ma tsula ke kupa te Pitelo Katsolo pue
mourning and celebration O death GEN Fidel Castro be.after
Mourning, Celebration Follow Death Of Fidel Castro

ke kanaha halon naye tlesayasa’o punta te Kupaya yakuayetle ma nayetsua nyematso ke hanya hayo kanaye ke ikahue saue’o kupapua Hauanahue
O leader-AUG controversy-ADV during 1959 revolt GEN Cuba overwhelm-PST-REL and during-almost century-half O country 3SG.POSS lead-PST O age-LOC 90 die-PFV Havana-LOC
Fidel Castro, the controversial ruler who took power during the Cuban revolution in 1959 and led his country for nearly half a century, died in Havana, Cuba, at age 90.