This isn’t Colorado.

I pretty sure my evening was just interrupted by a fire alarm in my hotel (in northern Virginia) because of some knuckleheads smoking pot in their room with a towel at the foot of the door. I do not have an issue with that particular activity…but when you mess-up my relaxing evening doing dumb shit, I can no longer find you faultless.

Given that multiple states have legalized medicinal marijuana, and a few have made recreational use of the drug legal, it makes sense that some might mistakenly believe that they can smoke in places that haven’t yet taken the steps to fully decriminalize its use. However, the use of a smoke-able substance in a hotel (where all smoking is verboten) is just not smart…most especially when one places a towel at the base of the door, thereby reducing the free flow of air. Of course, this was done in order to keep people from discovering what was happening, but the irony is that by doing this the culprits almost guaranteed the smoke detectors and fire alarms would be deployed and cause en mass discovery.

Do what you want, but plan accordingly and never jeopardize the safety or security of others without their express consent. And just for informational purposes, the individuals were asked to leave the hotel after the fire department confirmed that they were smoking marijuana.