Kala Phrase

sonya ke tlisa ena’am kuhiyetle
dream O glue P.1PL.EXCL hold-PST-REL
Dreams were the glue that held us together.

kitsan ha ke nahi mitsuye
dark-ADV 3SG O girl stare-PST
He stared darkly at her.


2 thoughts on “Kala Phrase

  1. Wait a minute there, what’s going on with the double object construction in the first sentence? It seems like it’s saying something like “dreams held us glue”. Is the use of “tlisa” with the O marker here similar to the use of the accusative indefinite in MSA to indicate manner or means?


    • Yes. This sentence actually gave me some problems as I tried to translate it but I decided to go with the Arabic model because it fits the general workings of Kala.

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