Kala Phrase

ke yomatli yomaya ma ke yoma pue yomatli yomito
O day-FUT day-water and O day after day-FUT day-tree
Tomorrow is Wednesday, and the day after tomorrow is Thursday.

ke yokunye yotlatsa yomaya yomito ma yomola yomasemalo
O day-moon day-fire day-water day-tree and day-gold day-week-PL
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are weekdays.

yomitoli na ma’a kemankutlo nayo hutsu
day-tree-each 1S COM work-RECP-AG 1S.POSS go.out.to-eat/drink
I go out to eat with my coworker every Thursday.

yomitoli puamahue ke ntahim nayo keyeyoko
day-tree-each afternoon-LOC O child-PL 1S.POSS class-swim
My children have swim class every Thursday afternoon.

NB: Hangul will no longer be included in the phrase posts. This is due mainly to time and technical constraints, but it also seems that with the various scripts that can be used for Kala, no single script needs to be included with each translation.