Kala Phrase

야 거 곤거 마아 거소 사햐 더 미라 “여다” 여노
ya ke konke ma’a keso sahya te mila “yeta” yeno
VOC O blank.space with form correct of word “give” fill
Fill the blanks with the correct form of the word “give”.

어다 거 너사가하 여노 더야티
eta ke nesakaha yeno teyatli
P.2S O form.paper fill request-FUT
You will be asked to fill in a form.

거 아가구 다요 너사가하휴 모야더
ke atakua tayo nesakahahue moyate
O name-whole 2S.POSS form.paper-LOC write-PREC
Please write your full name on the form.

따히 이냐 거 스하 하요 마아 이나 여노흐
ntahi inya ke suha hayo ma’a ina yenohu
child hunger O mouth 3S.POSS with food fill-AGG
The hungry child crammed his mouth with food.

NB: AGG = aggressive; Also, kya, the imperative particle is no longer being used. Instead, the vocative ya serves both purposes. konke is a new word, meaning “blank space on form; space between words”