Kala Phrase

나 거어 뇨다여 거 가브구 이느주여
na ke’e nyotaye ke kapukua inutsuaye
1S so.much thirst-PST O container-whole drink-almost-PST
I was so thirsty I drank a whole carton of juice.

나 뇨다
na nyota
1S thirst
I’m thirsty.

나 냐 이자 다요 그반고
na nya itsa tayo kupanko
1S for love 2S.POSS die-CONT
I’m dying for your love.

하 냐 자가 바고 하요 흐린고
ha nya tsaka pako hayo hulinko
3S for house new 3S.POSS moan-CONT
He groans for his new house.


3 thoughts on “Kala Phrase

  1. I’m super interested in the first sentence, specifically in how the two verb phrases tie together. Can you generally put two verb phrases together like that if there’s the same subject? e.g., “I ran upstairs (and) I lost my breath” or “She ate enough carrots that she turned green.”

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    • Yes, if the subject is constant, multiple verbs can be strung together: “na ke anta nayo kayoye ma hyatahue empaye” or, more succinctly; “aye na ke anta nayo kayo ma hyatahue empa” = “I ran upstairs (and) I lost my breath”.

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