Kala Phrase

거 미사 마아 타나로 여노여
ke misa ma’a tlanalo yenoye
O street with person-PL be.filled-PST
The street was packed with people.

하 나허 자하가 지유먀여
ha nahe tsahaka tsiuemyaye
3sg into vehicle-AUG elbow-CAUS-PST
He elbowed his way onto the crowded bus.

모사모 마아 오뇨고 여노
mosamo ma’a onyoko yeno
book-place with learn-AG be.filled
The library is crowded with students.

미사휴 더 노요고 자함바
misahue te noyoko tsahampa
street-LOC of New York car-many
There are a lot of traffic on the streets of New York.

하 거 우가 하여 요무 햐리먀허여
ha ke uaka haye yomua hyalimyaheye
3sg O cow early morning milk-CAUS-NEC-PST
He has to milk the cow early in the morning.

NB: In the first example tlanalo is exceptional as it uses -lo (rather than the standard -m) to show emphasis, or stress that the people are all over the streets.