Kala Phrase

이요마 나 거 수다 으며 시먀티
iyoma na ke suata umye simyatli
today 1sg O account electric pay-FUT
Today I’ll pay the electricity bill.

나 가어 요비모 냐 냐로 시먀 야라여히
na ka’e yopimo nya nyalo simya yalayehi
1sg toward mail-place for phone pay go-PST-DIM
I just went to the post office to pay for the telephone.


3 thoughts on “Kala Phrase

    • I can’t find any notes about “electric”, but I think it was something from Japanese or Korean and it was a significant semantic stretch.

      As for “account”, that’s borrowed directly from Swahili mswada.

      “Yopi” is borrowed directly from Japanese ゆうびん.

      “Nyalo” is a much different story. The cypherlang Ajara, from my youth had (p-h-o-n-e) as l-k-a-l-o, so I changed it to (f-o-n-e) which was j-a-l-o. Then I took that word into Qatama and it became njalo and finally was moved to nyalo in Kala.

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