Kala Phrase

나 거 거뵤 요하
na ke kepyo yoha
1S O ticket have
I have a coupon.


Kala Phrase

나 거 감바 냐 타야고 도모여
na ke kampa nya tlayako tomoye
1S O toast for marry-AG offer-PST
I proposed a toast to the bride and the groom.

hotter than…

the long cold weight of the heat has passed
no more will we see the mercury rise

how many days did we sweat in the frost
where were our consciences while the ice boiled

the chill of the fire flickers no more
the beaches and the sand have washed ashore

fight or flight

or fornicate,
or forget,
or fondle,
or figure-out,
or fabricate,
or fake…

choices are never finite
where will we be tonight

hairspray and toothpaste
on toast, good to taste

Kala Phrase

거 모사하교 하요 니학

ke mosahakyo hayo nihak
O record-school 3sg.POSS pleasant-NEG
His school record is not satisfactory.

소느리 가묘 무시니

sonuli kamyo muasini
result-each 3pl.POSS be.of.equal.rank-nice
Their results are equally good.

Kala Phrase

더냔 거 사라 지타여
tenyan ke sala tsitlaye
be.elegant-ADV O room decorate-PST
The room was elegantly decorated.

더 이도 거 지탐 티브여
te ito ke tsitlam tlipuye
from tree O decoration-PL suspend-PST
The ornaments dangled from the tree.

하 거 하담 하요 으저뱌여
ha ke hatam hayo utsepyaye
3sg O mistake-PL 3sg.POSS ignore-ATT-PST
She tried to gloss over her mistakes.

하 거 노야 하요 고마바역
ha ke noya hayo komapayek
3sg O happiness 3sg.POSS hide-ABIL-PST-NEG
He was unable to hide his happiness.

거 보그 더 이갸로 그벼하
ke poku te ikyalo kupyeha
O cost of POX-jewellery be.excessive-AUG
The price of this jewellery is too high.

Kala Phrase

요마리 디하오 나이 자나
yomali tiha’o na’i tsana
day-each multiple-three 1sg-REFL meditate
I reflect on myself three times a day.