Kala Phrase

하어나 지라휴 나요 까비여
ha’ena tsilahue nayo nkapiye
3sg-P.1sg lip-LOC 1sg.POSS kiss-PST
She kissed me on my lips.

거 지라 나요 서가하저
ke tsila nayo sekahatse
O lips 1sg.POSS be.dry-AUG-seem
My lips feel really dry.


2 thoughts on “Kala Phrase

    • You are exactly correct. I know I always use the “O” for object marker, but it’s actually better to think of it as a “patient marker”…meaning that it marks what is receiving the main verb, or the first verb. And since – in this case – the lips are what seem dry, it takes the “ke”.


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