Who knows…

What: Spillage of Water
Who: Jack & Jill
When: Monday, the 4th of Remember, 8:16 am, Year of the Frog
Where: the intersection of Fear and Absence
How: with a defective pail
Why: This is the dangerous part, isn’t it. The why. It can send us on a path of discovery, and winding awakening that brings about a life-changing experience, one that transcends the other, more obvious and logical questions. It thrashes about in an existential and ephemeral realm of wonder and intrigue. The why is never really satisfied, never truly satiated…never quelled. Try as we might, the why only causes more investigation, deeper consideration and quandary. Bring me a thousand people, and I will get a thousand answers to “why”. There are trillions of stars in the universe, each with their own why, and no answer will ever be great enough to fully calm the ever-swelling desire to know, the desire to learn and understand. Keep asking, keep searching…one could spend one’s entire life solely on the why and never have wasted a single second. Or, we’ve been fooling ourselves and the why is both irrelevant and so completely subjective as to be verging on insane. Why did you read this?