In the dark part of the garden, where the fish and the hammers grow
there are pieces of you that you might never know
within these pieces you’ll find a horrid plastic dream
made of goblins, newts, and blueberry ice cream
this is common and feral but not to be ignored
your butler and your horses – by now – are all bored
keep from them whatever you may
the penguins and music will likely not stay
around the banister you wrap your fingers strong
your maps and guides have led you wrong
never shall your tambourine dance in the noise
of your clashes, your devils, or your favorite boys


2 thoughts on “Waltzes

  1. i always like your poetry, but this one is especially sublime. something about the ease of the words and the rhythm–nothing feels forced or awkward. the deeper meaning slips into one’s head unannounced, and one only realizes it’s there afterward.


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