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Jew Lewis, Buzzfeed

This Modern World – Tom Tomorrow

Let it never be said that I did not address the current political climate. The two party system has brought about this farcical nonsense and created a situation where the American voter has to regularly choose between the lesser of two evils, or, as in the current cycle, the one you might trust ever so slightly more than the other.

Should the US see a Trump presidency, our standing in the global community will fall faster and harder than it did during the Presidency that brought us the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. I still refuse to call the longest military engagement in US history the “War on Terror.”

If Sec. Clinton should ascend to the highest office, it is likely our international profile will balance out, maybe even improve. However, the domestic politics would very probably become even more vitriolic and hate-filled. So-called “Conservative” pundits will relish the thought of taking her to task on every minute decision she makes, and “Liberal” activists will have to recognize that she isn’t their savior in a dress.

When this cycle began, months ago, I was sure that the Republican nomination was Jeb’s to lose…he did not disappoint.

I am truly sad about what is to come in the years ahead. That’s why I need the kind of political humor in the above comics…to keep my sanity and remind me that humanity has its own set of checks and balances.


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    • Forgetting the fact that it isn’t very likely; I think – much like Clinton – he would bring some respectability back to the US within the international community, but domestically we would have even larger swathes of the population decrying his every decision.


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