Kala phrase

ena ke yauam yetapuak
P.1sg O answer-PL give-PFV-NEG
I’ve been given no answers.


5 thoughts on “Kala phrase

  1. Ah, another weird argument structure sentence. If you have two objects like in this sentence, how do you know which one comes first? Relatedly how do you know which object is direct and which is indirect?


    • In this phrase, the pronoun is marked as the patient (recipient) and “yauam” is marked as the object, so there is not an indirect object (which is usually another way of being the object of an adpositional phrase).


      • i was using “indirect object” in the sense of “recipient.” so let me rephrase: how do you know which (pro)noun is the recipient and which is the theme?

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        • The patient prefix “e-” let’s you know that “ena” is the recipient, “yauam” is the theme.


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