Hangul for Klingon

ghItlhchen – “Constructed Writing”

My appreciation for Hangul and my wholly amateurish interest in Klingon have converged…I felt compelled to create a version of Hangul for Klingon.

So, here it is;

ghitlh bas
These are the basic consonants.

The “la” and “ra” are ambiguous. This can cause confusion between such words as “ghel”- ask (a question) and “gher”- formulate, compile, pull together; however most of these instances would be discernible through syntax and context.

ghitlh fin
The final consonants “tlha”, “va”, and the glottal stop (taken from obsolete Hangul Jamo) – in all positions – must be edited in an image and can not be properly typed on a computer.

ghitlh vows
The endings “-w’” and “-y’” must be discerned through context. The “-w” diphthongs must be edited as an image.

ghitlh w y
The “yI” and “Iy” are identical but can be identified by surrounding characters. The “w” and “y” initials can be written as the “ng” initial because no Klingon word begins with either “ngw” or “ngy”. The same is true for the endearment suffix “-oy” as there is no Klingon word “ngoy”.

ghitlh targh
For comparison…

ghitlh samp 1


Intense suggestions for life-ing

(formally “rules for life”)

always be the first to fall asleep
seconds are never wrong, especially at a buffet
a third of your time will be spent eating or deciding what to eat
four beers in a night is probably the right amount
five times a day look east and fart quietly
there are not, never have been, and never will be “six ways to Sunday”
seven months of the year should be spent planning for the other five
eight hours of sleep will always be too little or too much
cats do not have nine lives and neither do you
if you win ten dollars try to share it with twelve people


are you well spoken?
I bet you are
is your heart broken?
show me your scar

do what you will
say what you might

intentions often kill
and dim the shining light

Random Phrase

sayoli na ke kepyo sayon nya tlemo ma telo notsanko hanimpenke tsumpa
/sajoːˈli na kɛ keˈpʲoː saˈjoːn ɲaː tɬeːˈmo ma tɛˈloː noʧaːˈⁿko hanɪˈᵐpɛːᵑke ʧuːˈᵐpa/
month-each 1sg O ticket month-ADV for bus and train ride-PROG limit-LIM-NEG buy
Each month I buy a monthly ticket for unlimited bus and train rides.

Today’s phrase inspired by: Mongolian Word of the Day

Random Kala Phrase

naka ke umuana yoha
woman O ache-head have
The woman has a headache.

This could also be: naka umuana

Today’s phrase inspired by: Nepali Word of the Day

Random Kala Phrase

tlaka topatlipuhue mokunko
man bed-hang-LOC rest-CONT
The man rests in the hammock.

Today’s phrase inspired by: Turkish Word of the Day

Random Kala Phrase

kya ampu tayo nakonke
IMP nose 2sg.POSS pick.at-NEG
Don’t pick your nose!

This could also be: kya ampu nakonke

Today’s phrase inspired by: Learn Chinese Everyday!