Mild Rant, with a side of apathy

For the majority of my adult life I have worked in one form or fashion for or with the US Government in various regions and in varying capacities. One thing that has always been true, in all of my years, is that the responsibility of the employee/service-member has been to answer the call to duty, whether that be something mundane or simple like moving a truck across post, or flying to a hostile zone to conduct technical reviews of security systems. However, I now find myself working for an organization that, without wanting to, is undergoing a massive restructuring, and while I am not directly impacted, I am undoubtedly experiencing the ripples of this transition.

The latest bout of stupid has come in the form of a network that is so horribly slow, that it can take up-to 5 minutes for the intra-email system to function. A network so disgustingly haphazard, that I can log onto Tumblr, but not Gmail. If I want to open a document that is stored on a shared drive, it can take mere seconds to open, but to open a document stored in my personal folder, it can take 3 to 4 minutes to open, and even when it does open there is no guarantee that it will function properly, or at least freeze-up the system momentarily.

What I’m most upset about is that my tax dollars (and many of yours, for that matter) fund this inept bag of hammers that runs this clown-show. Some days, I want to scream at people that their job is not to stand in the hallway and chat about the latest episode of their favorite sitcom/drama, and that if I were their boss they may have very well been fired years ago. Other times I simply want to throw my PC on the ground and stomp it into a million little pieces.

Many of the issues here are symptomatic of the larger culture in the government…a culture that doesn’t only tolerate cronyism, but seems to thrive on it. A system that ignores the very rules that it exists to enforce, in order to provide a cozy hideaway for affluent welfare recipients. No, that’s not a slight against people that receive welfare, that’s an insult to what these people call work. Meetings about who will attend other meetings are so far from actual productive work that it actually causes me physical pain to hear that this is how they spend their time.

I’m more and more inclined to quit and start my own business with each passing week. Not because I’m the smartest, or the most business savvy person, but because doing something, anything, with visible, tangible results would feel better than supporting a class of people that quite literally get money for doing nothing.

Sometimes, I also just wanna grab a bag of clothes, and head for the hills.