Random phrase

나 거 자가히 더 터노히 야보박
na ke tsakahi te tlenohi yapopak
1s O house-DIM of timber-DIM build-ABIL-NEG
I can’t build a twig shack.


The Elephant in the Room

he has crept in with a crump
his style, that of a grump

never one to mump
or dress as a frump

traveling the towns to stump
relying on the average chump

they gather in a clump
looking like a lump

he hopes to give his rivals a thump
he continues to show his rump

Lexicon on FrathWiki

I’ve updated the Kala lexicon on FrathWiki to the latest version.

I’ll likely be keeping it there for the foreseeable future.

New glyphs

Almost half way to 500! This brings the glyph total to 222.

Stay tuned.

A dream about cabin-like huts…

I’m walking through a building then suddenly I’m accompanied by a friend, one that I don’t see often. When I look around, I notice that we’re in a shopping mall and I’m in a wheelchair…how or why I ended up in the wheelchair is never quite clear. The situation feels somewhat tense, as if we’re doing something we shouldn’t, but my friend doesn’t want to rock the boat by suggesting that we stop. Instantly, we are no longer in the shopping mall, but instead walking through an affluent neighborhood. Deciding to go up to one house in particular, I notice that now I am the nervous one but still energetic, so, I walk up to the house and knock on the door. When there is no answer we quickly make our way around to the back yard to see if there is any way we might be able to get in. As we look around we notice several hut, or cabin like structures…these structures appear to be uniform and numbered in bright orange paint. Upon inspecting one, it seems to go below ground more than expected by the outside appearance. So, as I climb to the opening I see what looks like another door lower into the structure. As I begin to climb down to try and reach the door I notice that the opening I have crawled into is in fact a shear-faced cliff into a wide canyon. I yell for my friend to help me…then, I wake up.

Don’t eat fried food before bed.

A Fuller Trekverse.

Last month I explained my joy at the 50th anniversary. This month I am almost as excited about the announcement that Bryan Fuller has been picked to run the new TV series. I do not have extremely high expectations for the show, but his early career was on DS9 and Voyager, so, it stands to reason that he is ensconced in all things Trek.

I’ve heard rumors of who might be starring on the show, but I won’t spread those here. What I will say is that if the show is anything like Enterprise, it won’t last long and many people will surrender their combadges.

Script crazy…

This is a simple phrase, but I’ve made a sample in each of my scripts (or adaptations). Enjoy.

na ke suku nya ina tsumpa ka’elaye
/na kɛ suːˈku ɲaː iˈna t͡ʃuːˈᵐpa kaʔɛˈlaje/
1sg O market for food buy toward-MOT-PST
I went to the market to buy some food.