Patti Smith smells like…

An amazing cover of a great song.


To infinity and beyond…or something.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. The cultural impact of the franchise cannot be understated nor does it need to be expanded on in this post. However, as a life long fan of all things Trek, I’d like to take this opportunity to express my joy that there will be another movie, as well as a new series. I have my doubts that the movie will be magnificent, or that the series will be superb, but I will (like every other Trek fan) watch all of it and decide afterwards. Gene Roddenberry was directly involved with each series up to DS9 and was highly influential to Voyager. Pretty much everything after that has had major flaws, as is evidenced by fans reactions and viewership. That being said, it is still hard to completely tarnish all of the wonder and marvel that have been integral to the universe that Roddenberry created. As long as the new movie steers clear of trite cliches and dull plot twists, and the new series doesn’t bank strictly on sex appeal, there is hope that the franchise might well live long and prosper.