Symptoms of a Broken System

So, this is one of many articles describing the current kerfuffle that Republican candidates are stirring over debates. In my humble opinion, this is a major sign that the US political system is broken, almost beyond repair.

The issues that seem to be bothering the campaigns have little-if-anything to do with substance and seem to be more focused on style. The three points mentioned in the above linked-to article:

1. Opening and closing statements for each candidate,
2. Editorial control over biographical information displayed in graphics on screen, and
3. Equal numbers of questions for each candidate

These concessions by the media and moderators of future debates would basically turn the debates into free commercials for the candidates. The RNC would do better to stick to its guns and dictate rather than negotiate any debate rules, and not on behalf of candidates, but to them. The fact that Trump and Carson are the top two candidates at this stage of the campaign leaves one to think that the debates could just be three hours of the candidates staring at the cameras and the polls wouldn’t budge outside of the margin of error.

These people are vying for the most powerful position in the Western world…they should not dictate or negotiate the process to attain said position. Imagine, if one of the top three candidates were elected tomorrow and decided that they were unhappy with the “format” of the Presidency. Are those things changeable? Can they be negotiated? Sure, certain aspects are likely maneuverable, but to try and alter the standards to allow oneself an advantage where none is realistically available is asinine and counter productive to meritocracy.

Lastly, since we have a reality TV star and a neurosurgeon running for President, why shouldn’t we have a few talking-heads from a financial news outlet moderate them? The system is clearly becoming a parody of itself.